Xperiencing the new xperia x10 mini pro



It’s been a long time ago since i wanted to buy iPhone so badly. But then the iPhone prices in Indonesia was set too high that i would never want to buy that pricey things.

Things has gone so far, as I read some android article and found out that Samsung Galaxy Spica is one of the valuable phone to buy. My friend and my brother has it, so I tried it. It was a nice experience but I find it a bit laggy when it opens and close applications. So far, Samsung Galaxy Spica is worthed to buy.

I belive that Samsung price about Rp. 2.600.000 – 2.900.000, but then I find myself that xperia x10 has launched the x10 mini. It was a nice device, so mini but the things that made me uncomfortable was that the battery can’t be replaced and doesn’t have on screen keyboard too. The text-input mode is using multi-tap.

Finally the xperia x10 mini pro launched. It has the same specifications but fixes the bug, battery can be replaced and attached the slide keyboard, makes me feel comfortable and even fall in love with this device.

For this device, Xperia X10 Mini Pro launching, Sony Ericsson indonesia make a promotion called ‘Happy Hour’ in JHCC. Xperia x10 mini pro buyers will get Rp 300.000 cash-back if you buy at a special 1 hour time in July 14th, 2010. Normal price was about Rp 3.500.000, and promotion price about Rp 2.999.999. With ‘happy hour’ you will get Rp 2.699.999.

I sacrifice myself to get there as fast as possible. I have my dad, mom and even my sister to queue it before I wrote this article with my x10 mini pro, it has a very comfortable dedicated keyboard anyway.

I get there. Only 200 pcs for this happy hour sale. I got one, the red one. All I got xperia x10 mini pro, BT handsfree worth about Rp 300.000, bag, and scratch-and-win that worth another Rp 50.000 cash-back. It was excelent time to queue about 3 hours to get this valuable android phone. I will soon review the phone performance on my next post. Though I wrote this article with my x10 mini pro, it has a very comfortable dedicated keyboard anyway.


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