Xperiencing more battery life (Xperia X10 Mini Pro)

It’s been more than 1 –2 months I use this Xperia X10 mini pro. I am satisfied already with all the specifications given in this device. As their motto “mini but mighty”. The only thing left behind from enjoying the X10 mini pro from the best mini android phone is the limited battery life.

On normal usage with medium application usage and low backlight, X10 mini pro will stands about 24 hours max, you can improve it by not using some of the full-featured in this phone like “Accelerometer” – auto rotate, vibrate, auto-update for facebook, twitter, and most importantly Timescape (Battery eater).

I use so many recommended feature and settings on my Xperia X10 Mini Pro to improve it’s battery life. My first things to be done is :

1. Reducing the backlight to lowest

2.Turn off Accelerometer –> Settings | Sound & Display | set Orientation (OFF) and set Animation (OFF)

3. Turn off all the data coverage ( Use only 2G / GSM ONLY )

    a. Settings | Data Synchronization | Background Data (OFF)

    b. Settings | Wireless Control | Mobile Networks | Data Traffic (OFF) & set Network Mode (GSM ONLY)

    c. Turn off all the wifi, GPS and bluetooth, use as needed.

4. Installing “ADW LAUNCHER” –> UI Replacement for Xperia default battery eater one. After Installing, You should make it be default launcher to see the best performance of it.

image image  image image


5. Installing “System Panel Lite” –> System management, Best things to have on your Xperia X10 Mini Pro. (BATTERY BOOST)

image image image

With these settings, I found it very nice for my Xperia X10 Mini Pro. I use it for normal, the device stands for about 1 day 20 hours, very impressive. You can’t find any application that would made your phone better. When you use for high performance, I believe it will stands about 1 day, despite the normal Sony Ericsson Launcher will eat your battery life. Be careful with the Timescape, You can monitor the running applications that use most of your CPU performance (Battery eater). With System Panel, You should not have to close everything. Just leave it there and let the System panel handle it. I hope it will be useful, Any better Ideas will be accepted though. Thanks

25 thoughts on “Xperiencing more battery life (Xperia X10 Mini Pro)

  1. Oshin says:

    Suhuuuuuu,,… it’s really usefull.. hhahaa walau awalnyaaa ga ngerti.. lama2 dipraktekin ngerti jg… hahhaa… yg data traffic itu klo di off in ga bisa inet an donk yaa??? jd cm gsm aja donk??

    • simiancreased says:


      Hmm yup kalo data itu dipake sesuai kebutuhan ajah. Kl emang pengen datanya jalan terus, idupin aja, tp pilih yg GSM & WCDMA aj, jgn dpaksa buat WCDMA doank. Nah klo datanya hidup, survey dunk brp lama pemakaian kalo online trus. Liat di settings / about phone / battery use.

  2. Netsurfer says:


    Another tip on saving battery life is to through Settings => Screen Timeout and sent this to 1 minute. It’s to bad the OS doesn’t have 30 seconds as an option as that would probably improve things a little bit more also.

    Also a free app, ‘Advanced Task Killer Free’ can help you cloe apps that are running in the background even after you think you aren’t using them anymore. So after a session on wi-fi I use this app to close down anything that might have still been running even after I closed the wi-fi.

    Further to squeeze out those precious minutes from the battery, minimize putting the cell phone in your pockets but instead try to have it more in the open so that it doesn’t have to struggle with getting a signal and thus using up more battery. I find that putting the cell phone in a higher cup holder in your car or on the passenger seat assuming nobody is sitting beside you or in the dash open compartment is far better then in your jacket pocket or pants pockets.

    Hope this helps.

    • simiancreased says:

      Wow thanks for the reply,

      But anyway, i used to have the advanced task killer to kill app for my mini pro. But there aree some people talking about it that ATK is draining their battery. I then not use it anymore to compare, it really works. Without the ATK, i will get the 1 and 10 hours, but with ATK i only have 1 and 2 hours maybe less. CMIIW

  3. eveline says:

    iya nie, sedikit kecewa dengan battery yang tidak tahan lama, apalagi aku pecinta facebook, YM, ebuddy, games, dll… Jadi kalau dimainkan terus dalam waktu 3 jam pasti habis, dalam 1 hari saya harus mengisi batt sebanyak 2 kali…. 😥

    • simiancreased says:

      Hi mba eveline,

      Betul banget. Uda banyak sih yang kecewa, tapi mereka gak kehabisan akal. Dengan modifikasi sana sini bisa didapet 1.5 hari mba, asal gak terus menerus online. Kalo menggunakan cara di artikel saya tapi data connection masi terus online kayak ym n facebook update jalan terus gk bakal sampe 1 hari tuh. Yah pinter2 kita aja gunainnya, mudah2an update eclair bisa boost up ini juga yah. Berdoaa.


  4. Gerald says:

    hello, i just wanna ask if u use this phone the whole day. (when i say use it means heavily using the device.) how long can it last??

    • simiancreased says:

      Hello gerald,

      With heavily using this phone, says we play games and downloading some files. It only last about 12 hour. More or less, but you will never get 1 day of batt life. CMIIW

  5. Rizky says:

    Hello thanks for your advice here, the battery issue id sure frustating but I have other main issue abot SE X10 Mini Pro, it;s the wifi problem! I find it difficult to connect wifi to any hotspot, sometimes it works fine but for 10 minutes later it wont. The wifi icon also often shows connecting but I still cant surf internet.

    Please give me solution for this problem, thx

    • simiancreased says:

      First of all, you should make sure about the Internet connection. If it runs well, then the problem is in ur handset. Have u upgrade ur x10 mini pro to eclair version?? Try it to another hotspot to make sure.

  6. putri says:

    Hello, aku dah pake x10 mini pro slama seminggu.
    Baterai mmg satu2 ny yg mengecewakan.
    Recharging ny cm satu jam lebih tp battery life ny gak sampe sehari.
    mnurut aku sih lebih baik battery lifeny lam meskipun ngecasny lama jg..

    • simiancreased says:

      Ini sudah menjadi masalah semua android sih. Kalo heavy user sih 6 – 8 jam. Kalo pemakaian normal sih bisa 12jam, tp kalo pake irit bisa sampe 23jam lebih dikit. Semua android memang didesain untuk 1 hari pemakaian, so bring ur charger more often or use ur android wisely 🙂

  7. wah tips yg bagus nih! kebetulan baru beli x10 hehe tp iya batrenya awal2 agak mengecewakan, nah yg mo saya tanya untuk install aplikasi2nya yg dipake di postingan ini gk perlu pake root2an segala kan? thx for the reply 😀

  8. onta says:

    bro,klo untuk pengganti baterai BST-38 merek apa yang bagus ya?Kira2 bisa gk ya diganti type baterai lain yang amperenya lebih gede?klo dipikir-pikir 930mAh itu gak cukup buat 1 hari…

    • simiancreased says:

      Betul gak cukup, tapi saya belum dapet penggantinya nih. Selama ini pake batere gendongnya Energizer aja.


  9. doni says:

    hell xperia mini, ne sya mw tnya, ane mw beli hp x10 ini, tp msh ragu ma slide nya, tkut nya cpettt rsak lw pke slide2 gni, slidenya bisa bertahan gak? hp ini awet gak? mohon infonya, trimakasih

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