Upgrading X10 Families to Éclair.

I just upgraded my own X10 Mini Pro to Éclair version of 2.1. This is a huge upgrade since the X10 family has the limitation of Donut version of 1.6 for their handheld. Finally, The update comes to my country, Indonesia. It takes only half an hour to upgrade it myself. But, I believe it depends on your computer configuration and Internet connection. I will try to explain of what I am doing today step-by-step.

1. Start with this link, Follow and Download the files needed. The files about 35.3 Mb named Update Service.

2. Install the downloaded files to your computer.

3. After the installation complete, then run the files. Make sure you have your computer connected to Internet.

    • Welcome to The Update Service. Steps to be used in this configuration :
      • Prepare the X10 original USB cables
      • The battery of your X10 should be more than 50%.
      • Back Up your files –> VERY IMPORTANT. The upgrade will erase all your data stored in internal memory. (external memory will not be wiped)
      • Don’t connect your phone in this steps.
      • Check the “I hereby…..”
      • then Click START button


    • Choose your Phone, in my case I will choose X10 Mini Pro


    • Then This is the hardest Part. Please follow the steps carefully :
      • Turn Off your X10 device for a minimum 15 seconds
      • Connect your USB Cables to your PC
      • While connecting the USB Cables to your handheld, Press BACK button at your X10 device. Keep pressing the BACK button although the cable has been connected. You will see a blue LED in your X10.
      • Your PC will find a new hardware, Usually your PC will need a restart
      • After restarting, follow the step from the beginning until you find the Press BACK button step, You should not release the button until you find “RELEASE THE BACK KEY” in your computer. After the button released then the installation process will then start.


    • The last step of the installation is downloading the files needed. It’s about 126MB of files and make sure you have a good internet connection here. Leave your X10 device connected to the computer as the download begin. After the download step has finished, then the installation process will be started. It takes about 5-10 minutes of installation.
    • After Installation, you can remove your X10 from Computer. Just Turn it on, then Enjoy your Éclair.

11 thoughts on “Upgrading X10 Families to Éclair.

  1. Oshin says:

    hapenya jd ga nyala mun.. huhuhuhu ga bisa terus katanya instalation error.. katanya harus full charge batre.. udh di charge masih gitu jg.. skr hp ga nyala .. >.<

      • simiancreased says:

        Mantabss. Restore dulu tuh baru oke. Tar dia sync sama googgle lagi untuk contacts. Ini yg gw suka dr android. Coba cari game ‘angry bird’ nagih banget lohh.

  2. cicit says:

    kok saya coba ga bisa-bisa ya.. ketika smp proses press back button sambil kabel data disambung ke hp, di layar laptop muncul find new hardware, tapi lalu muncul warning instalation failed.. kenapa yach?

    pls help.. thank u a lot..

    • simiancreased says:

      Halo cicit,

      Ketika press back button sampe installasi new hardwarenya jangan dilepas tombol back buttonnya. Sampe ada perintah lepas tombol tersebut, barulah dilepas. CMIIW

  3. chrzarea says:

    bro.. mau tanya donk..
    di kaskus ane lia, musti ganti region + rooting hapenya dulu..
    kalo ini langsung upgrade..
    bedanya apa yh?
    ada efek sampingnya ga yah?, kalo gagal?

    • simiancreased says:

      Hi bro,

      Yang di kaskus itu mungkin yang anda baca adalah artikel sebelum region asia/indonesia dikeluarkan upgrade. Nah yang sekarang dan saya tulis itu sudah official upgrade dari SE Indonesia bro. Kalo uda upgrade sih gk masalah, aman koq bro ini. Ikuti caranya saja. CMIIW

      • chrzarea says:

        Oo kalo skrng pke cara ini uda bisa yh bro?
        Kalo gagal ada efek apa yh?

        Ada tutorial app2sd bro? Hehe

        Makasi yah

      • simiancreased says:

        Yups cara ini cara official SE. Gk ada masalah kalo failed. Pastikan batere diatas 50% sblm melakukan hal ini

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