[SHARE] Googling Tips

Who does not know Google, a Web site after Yahoo’s second most popular. but maybe there are still many who do not know how to effectively search through Google. Here are 15 basic method searches for the search engine Google:
1. Google Calculator
Can make any kind of ngitung numbers, for example, want to compute 5 * 54/12 + 56th. type that number and sign the calculations, then press enter or click search and google will give the result. Some signs supported arithmetic: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), sharing (/), rank (^) and Square root (sqrt).

2. Dictionary Definitions
Able to define a word by typing "define:" (without the quotes), for example, define: worms

3. Looking for a particular title
search for specific words within a website, the format is "intitle: title you are looking for." eg intitle: glass.

4. Conversion
make the conversion the length, size, and even temperature, such as looking 50 meters how many yards to write "50m in yards", or how many degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Celsius, enough to write "100C to F"

5. Currency Exchange
want to know how much the U.S. dollar today? write "1 USD in IDR".
Format currency in international units, for example to be written IDR Indonesian rupiah, the dollar HKD hongkong written, and others.

6. Weather today
want to know the weather cities such as Jakarta wrote wrote weather

7. search for a file type
if want to look for a file with specific contents and specific file types such also write this "tutorial game 3d filetype: doc" would later appear the result of articles with existing titles such words in. doc format

8. Search within a website
If you want to find something in a website writes "the search site: http://www.site.com", for example, want to look for games within the website jasakom then write "game site: http://www.jasakom.com"

9. Local time of a city
want to know the current time on bali? aja wrote "time bali"

10. Remove unwanted search results distinguished
if you want to find about the solar system but do not want the search results were the words the planet then just write it like this "-solar planets"

11. search a whole sentence
if you want to find a complete sentence in the website use the _. – As a substitute for a space. eg "who is it" the result will be different from the "who the hell"

12. Flight Status
want to know the status of an aircraft flight write like this "" British Airways Flight 5 ", for writing it must know the type of airline and flight number.

13. Searching google groups based on subject
Write? In subject: then topic here?

14. Search the site relations
write "related: http://www.site.com?. to seek an alternative site of a searchable website.

‘15. look for links to specific URLs
Type? link: http://www.yoursite.com?. This way is useful to look for other alamat2 linking to the website in question. for example, link: http://www.google.com and the results will come out of alamat2 other websites which have a link to google this.

16. hex binary decimal
create a special converter from decimal.
type 1500 in hex or 1500 in binary


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