Hands-On Sony Vaio YB15AG Review (Personal Reviewed)

It took me a week to find some review about Sony Vaio YB series before I bought it 2 weeks from this ultraportable notebook arrived in my country, Indonesia. I always dream for having a Sony Vaio series, they have some amazing style and default brand image, Elegant and Pricey. Elegant in design, material and everything. Sony always took care of their product carefully, they always have a modern style of all their notebook.

Before I want to buy this notebook, I used to have a HP Mini 210-1014 series which I bought about a year ago. This HP Mini series helps me a lot for my work, study, and everything but gaming. It is very handy, small, light (only 1,5 kg with battery). But about a month ago, I faced a problem about my current study in Computer Programming, They required a screen resolution about 1024×768, while my HP Mini and other netbook only have a resolution of 1024×600. It makes my program doesn’t work properly and it annoyed me somehow. Then I started to find a new worth notebook. My concern is the weight itself, and the options goes to ASUS UL30VT or SONY VAIO YB15AG.


ASUS UL30VT has all the notebook performance and battery life, it also has the ultraportable one for a gaming notebook, which only weigh about 1,7kg with battery. The specification of this notebook can be found here. The things attracts me a lot are the weigh itself, the battery life it self (about 7-12 hours of use), the dual graphic cards (GeForce G210 and Intel X4500 MHD, switchable), and it has a 13.1 inch screen with resolution of 1366×768. Very nice one right?

But a week after having the reviewed of ASUS UL30VT products that makes me want it a lot, Then I am amazed of one Sony Vaio Product Y Series. They use an AMD chipset and the newest AMD Platform of processor code name Zacate ( AMD Dual core processor E-350 1.6 GHz) and with internal AMD RADEON Graphics series HD 6310 with new technology using FUSION and good GPU score. The weigh amazed me once again with only 1.46kg (battery included) which has a 11.6 inch screen with resolution of 1366×768. WOW, with that specification, Sony gives us a good price. You can find the specification detail of Sony Vaio YB15AG here.



Sony VAIO YB15AG Silver
Processor : AMD Dual core Processor E350(1,6 GHZ)
OS : Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32 bit (English Version)
VGA Card : AMD Radeon HD6310
Display 11,6″; WXGA
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Weight 1,46kg
Camera Motion Eye 0.3MP
Kensington Lock
HDMI port
Assist Button

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