Hands-On Sony Vaio YB15AG Review (Personal Reviewed)

It took me a week to find some review about Sony Vaio YB series before I bought it 2 weeks from this ultraportable notebook arrived in my country, Indonesia. I always dream for having a Sony Vaio series, they have some amazing style and default brand image, Elegant and Pricey. Elegant in design, material and everything. Sony always took care of their product carefully, they always have a modern style of all their notebook.

Before I want to buy this notebook, I used to have a HP Mini 210-1014 series which I bought about a year ago. This HP Mini series helps me a lot for my work, study, and everything but gaming. It is very handy, small, light (only 1,5 kg with battery). But about a month ago, I faced a problem about my current study in Computer Programming, They required a screen resolution about 1024×768, while my HP Mini and other netbook only have a resolution of 1024×600. It makes my program doesn’t work properly and it annoyed me somehow. Then I started to find a new worth notebook. My concern is the weight itself, and the options goes to ASUS UL30VT or SONY VAIO YB15AG.


ASUS UL30VT has all the notebook performance and battery life, it also has the ultraportable one for a gaming notebook, which only weigh about 1,7kg with battery. The specification of this notebook can be found here. The things attracts me a lot are the weigh itself, the battery life it self (about 7-12 hours of use), the dual graphic cards (GeForce G210 and Intel X4500 MHD, switchable), and it has a 13.1 inch screen with resolution of 1366×768. Very nice one right?

But a week after having the reviewed of ASUS UL30VT products that makes me want it a lot, Then I am amazed of one Sony Vaio Product Y Series. They use an AMD chipset and the newest AMD Platform of processor code name Zacate ( AMD Dual core processor E-350 1.6 GHz) and with internal AMD RADEON Graphics series HD 6310 with new technology using FUSION and good GPU score. The weigh amazed me once again with only 1.46kg (battery included) which has a 11.6 inch screen with resolution of 1366×768. WOW, with that specification, Sony gives us a good price. You can find the specification detail of Sony Vaio YB15AG here.



Sony VAIO YB15AG Silver
Processor : AMD Dual core Processor E350(1,6 GHZ)
OS : Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32 bit (English Version)
VGA Card : AMD Radeon HD6310
Display 11,6″; WXGA
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Weight 1,46kg
Camera Motion Eye 0.3MP
Kensington Lock
HDMI port
Assist Button


Sony Vaio series has a special identification of their logos, The VAIO in their lid, the power button on the right hand (the green light – very nice appearance), The AC input cable (on the left hand), The keyboard style, and the ‘motion eye’ webcam. You can have a look at the measurement picture I attached above. It have WebCam of 0.3 MP, SD Card slot, Memory stick duo slot, 3 USB Port, VGA Output, HDMI Output, Headphone Output, Microphone Input, a kensington lock, and an Ethernet port. The weight itself says about 3.23lbs (with standard battery) means of 1.46 kg. Very light, even compared to my HP Mini 210-1014 series which weigh 1.5kg. The sexy rounded metal hinges light up orange (for sleep) or green (for powered on) and give the VAIO YB a futuristic look and feel. A metallic textured palm rest completes the space-age aesthetic.

At 11.4 x 8 x 1.25 inches and 3.2 pounds, the Sony VAIO YB isn’t MacBook Air-light (2.9 pounds). However, this notebook is lighter than other 11-inch Fusion ultraportables, such as the HP Pavilion dm1z (11.4 x 8.4 x 1.2 inches, 3.4 pounds) and the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e (11.1 x 8.2 x 1.2-inches, 3.4 pounds).


Battery Performance

The battery pack given in this package is SONY Series VGP-BPS21B which has Li Ion battery of 3.500 mAH / 38 Wh. I used it in a gaming mode which can only have about 3hours and 40mins or less of heavy usage. It is not as good as the Sony said that with the standard battery has a battery life about more than 5 hours. But, for this matter’s, I am satisfied with it. You can have a longer battery life since you get the higher capacity of battery, but it is pricey. You can check the battery price at their website at www.sony.co.id


Battery Test



I checked myself of using this Sony Vaio YB series, I always open the notebook at 9 am and shut it down at night 11pm, It stays cool. Even in the room without air conditioned, still the cool one. I can compare it to my very hot netbook HP Mini 210-1014 series, It was very hot. I believe the HP Mini has a hot because of their lack of air ventilation plus the metal back casing. From the sources I took, the VAIO YB stayed so cool that we could barely tell it was on. After streaming a video at full screen for 15 minutes, we measured the touchpad at only 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the keyboard at a chilly 89 degrees, and the bottom at a maximum of 92 degrees.


With AMD series E-350 CPU, AMD Radeon HD 6310 integrated graphics, You can see the score provided by LaptopMag for Sony Vaio YB series. It provides a good performance on most tasks. On PCMark Vantage, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall system speed, the VAIO YB scored 2,112. That score is less than the ultraportable notebook category average of 3,804, but in the neighborhood of other AMD Fusion notebooks like the HP Pavilion dm1z (2,198) and the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e (2,558).





PC Mark Vantage


Comparing The Vaio YB vs Vaio YA – The AMD vs Intel i3

Vaio YB vs Vaio YA–See the WEI Score

Sony Vaio Reviewed by Other Users

Personal Review

Sony Vaio YB15AG – Video Review (GERMAN)

HD Video Playback

Sony Vaio YB15AG Playing Dirt 2

Sony Vaio YB15AG Playing Dirt 2

Booting Time compared to other series (Vaio Wins)


3D Mark Performance compared to other series (VAIO YB Wins)


WEI and Other test result.

Windows Experience IndexPerformance test

Software Inside



Have you ever installed a Vaio Gate? Do you know what it used for? Vaio Gate is a software developed by Sony that has the same usage with the dock in MAC’s. It stores a shortcut, shows a rss reader for a particular time, and have a brilliant and nice user interface. By default, the gate has convenient shortcuts to all of the VAIO YB’s pre-loaded applications, including Internet Explorer 8, Arcsoft Webcam Companion, Evernote for VAIO, and a host of Sony utilities. Since there are more applications than can fit into a single row of icons, the shortcut labeled VAIO opens an additional sub-row of icons with even more Sony apps and settings. You can also add your own shortcuts to the dock by right-clicking on any program icon in Windows and selecting Add to VAIO Gate.

2. Sony Media Player and Gesture Control.


The Sony Vaio Media Player has a unique design of it’s own. It will detect your Media and defines itself to artist, album, and genre. The Photo and Video also can be accessed here. The most amazing product of this galery is a motion control / Gesture Control. With the use of Web Cam – Motion Eye, Sony has developed a Gesture control so when a user swipe their hands to the right, it will allow you to play the next song, when you swipe to left, it will play the backward and if you swipe down you can pause/play the music / pictures presentation.

3. Other Softwares (Assist Button, PMB Vaio Edition, and ArcSoft Webcam)


The Assist button will show you a screen like this, It allows you to check your computer performance as easy as possible. All your Vaio Status will be shown here. If you feel you have a slow performance on your Vaio, just visit the ‘Assist’ Button and click the system care to take good care of the problems. Feel free to try it. The most important things ever from buying a new Sony Vaio Laptop, You should burn/copy the recovery disk (includes driver and windows, and everything your vaio need). Go to the Recovery and Restore, and prepare the disk or USB sized minimum about 10 GB.


PMB for Vaio is an image editor for Vaio user. It is developed from a sony vaio corp. I haven’t use it a lot, but if there are any images in your harddrive, it’ will synchronized to their library. It is said that you can easily make a presentation, edit, or maybe make a slideshow film with amateur profiles with PMB for Vaio.


The next other thing is the ArcSoft Web Cam software. It has a capability that all webcam needs, to show images from the provided web cam. Some tools here is record video, take pictures, monitor mode. I just used a monitor mode where the function itself gives me a nice smile. It detects a motion, and in some sensitivity, it will record a motion. It is very useful to know who’s around your notebook. Nice one Open-mouthed smile


I bought it a few weeks ago at Sony Center Indonesia in Pacific Place. It has 3 colors of Sony Vaio YB series, Silver, Green, and Pink. I took the silver one because it is the most appropriate one for men. The ultraportable and beauty inside makes me fall in love just for a while. With the performance of AMD series and affordable prices, I fell in love even more. The products inside the box only provide a standard battery, The VAIO YB series notebook, The charger, and the quick guide book. No soft case nor bag for this VAIO YB. I hardly find a soft case for this 11.6 inch notebook. The sony center themselves haven’t provided the soft case yet. And I believe it may be pricey if it is provided.

I Play games now, When I have the HP Mini 210-1014 series, I never play recent games. The performance of AMD Fusion technology is very nice. It is not the best for gaming laptop, but for the light weight and the price given, It is worth for me. Games I installed are COD 4 : Modern Warfare – Nicely performed at medium settings, Red Faction – Nicely Performed, F1 2010 – Nicely Performed, Lara Croft and The guardians of Light – Nicely Performed, COD : Black Ops – Laggy. An overview of in depth performance gaming result will be reviewed later, I just played some games of my own. Maybe the next article I’ll write about it. I am satisfy of SONY Product, The design is very sexy, you can check the other competitor design HP DM1Z, Lenovo Thinkpad x120e to see the design and quality.



48 thoughts on “Hands-On Sony Vaio YB15AG Review (Personal Reviewed)

  1. Pak'de Blangkon says:

    adoh adoh ,,, boleh nyicil aja belagu gan
    cobain Black Ops masih patah2 gitu … wkwkwwkwkww

    coba kalo bisa upgrade VGA dulu ke model GTX,,, xixixixi

    • simiancreased says:

      Ampun gan, Saya gak biasa nyicil. Hahaha.
      Liat dulu dunk specnya Black Ops, wajar aja masih patah2. Minimum requirementnya aja yang G210 masih cengok. kekeke. Tar upgrade Memory dulu biar tambah maknyuuss
      *nunggu pameran, Belanjaaa 😀

    • simiancreased says:

      Hello, Were you installed a proper software in your Mac? Try to open the article from the other web browser. I hope that helps. CMIIW

    • simiancreased says:

      Kalo photoshop sih kayaknya masih ngangkat yah.
      Soalnya kan dia lebih menggunakan Memory, Tinggal ditambah aja memorynya.
      Masih ada space 1 slot lagi. Kalo Lightroom saya belum tau tuh, gak pernah pake. Thanks, bisa jadi masukan buat install Photoshop juga nih 😀

  2. Hussein says:

    I own sony vaio TZ which is 11 inch core 2 duo and dvd built in!.. Amazing screen with antiglare unfortunatley it died on me last week. So I am now going to get the thinkpad X120e. I like the keyboard. But thanks for the review.

    If you want a case for your laptop, let me know I have a beautifl sony vaio leather case slip for your latop. Top notch condition. Normally sellls for 100$ plus. You can make me an offer and I will ship it to you plus shipping cost.

    Take Care

    • simiancreased says:

      Wow, Thanks for your information. Maybe you have the picture of your own laptop case. I’m waiting for your Thinkpad X120e review anyway.

      Cheers 😀

  3. indra says:

    saya baru beli yb15ag sabtu kemaren, dan udah di re-install dengan win7 pro. agak bermasalah sih ada beberapa driver bentrok. dan beberapa aplikasi gak terecover dari recover dvd.
    Mau tanya kalau play MKV full hd lancar gak? barusan coba play full hd mkv (>2gb) pakai MPC dan WMP gak lancar tuh.

    • simiancreased says:

      update aja bro lewat windows update. Saya sih aman2 aja yah setelah upgrade + update, yang perlu diingat itu jangan install update windows yang KB971033. Yang lainnya sih silahkan saja update. Saya lancar saja memainkan full HD mkv koq bro, tp saya sudah upgrade ke RAM jadi 4 GB.

      • Alexz80 says:

        Gan tanya gan aye baru beli nih ini laptop dan masih standard win7 starter tapi play film fullhd patah2 gitu gara2 apa memory apa win7 starter nye? mohon petunjuk

      • simiancreased says:

        Coba upgrade dulu aja ke ultimate, ada di blog saya. Win starter memang punya limitasi sendiri. Cmiiiw

  4. yudiest says:

    Mantap abis review-nya…! sayang bhs Inggris jd sepotong2 ngertinya maklum wong katrok…he…he… Btw kmren ane baru ambil neh YB series warna silver di sony center kucoba lsg kubawa pulang…nyampe rumah kubongkar2 kardus-nya & celaka…koq gak ada CD recovery/driver bawaan Sony Vaio ya? lha kalo maw instal software windows ulang piye nanti? kalo minta cd recovery or driver? Mohon pencerahannya….thx u

  5. didi says:

    nice review.. btw besok saya mau ambil nih barang, yang warna pink. uda keburu naksir berat gara2 baca review ini dan gara2 liat barangnya langsung. kan di laptop itu masih windows 7 starter ya, mau upgrade ke ultimate ada di sebelah mana blog situ? terus aman ga kalo buat di bawa ke luar negri terutama eropa? i’m waiting for ur answer 🙂

  6. Ahmad Nasser says:

    nice review gan…
    kmrn sabtu baru beli nih notebook, trus skalian upgrade memory 2 giga lagi merk visipro 2 giga ddr3 pc 10600
    nah yg mo saya tanyain, knp di BIOS kedetect 4 giga, tp windows 7 staternya bilang usage cuma 2 giga, katanya sih gara2 win 7 staternya 32 bit yah??? (CMIIW)

    seandainya saya upgrade seperti diblog agan, windows 7 ultimate, kira2 memorynya kedetect 4 giga ga yah sama windowsnya??? ato klo install win 7 bajakan laennya gmn yah???



  7. Thnx mas reviewnya. kebetulan saya juga pake vaio yg sama dengan punya anda. tapi, ngga tau kenapa saya kecewa berat dengn performanya. misalnya saja, buka Itunes aja butuh sekitar 10 detik, buka folder juga suka lama dan sering not responding. sampe2 saya sering diledekin temen sekantor, laptop baru tapi lemot bgt. pake firefox suka ngelag dan lemoot banget. bahkan dipake buat buka word juga bisa sekitar 20 detik. kira2 ada yg salahkah dengan vaio YB saya??? atau saya lagi apes aja dapat produk yg ‘cacat’
    FYI, vaio saya masih pake starter dan belum dimodif yg macem.

    mohon pencerahannya ya mas.

    • simiancreased says:

      Oh saya juga pernah demikian mas. Coba di defrag dulu harddrivenya. Buka disk defragmenter, defrag semua drive system dan storage, yang recovery gak usah mas. Nah tungguin aja sampe selesai semua. Ini disebabkan filenya berantakan. Pengalaman saya sih cuma cara ini untuk solvenya, dulu saya untuk boot masuk windows aja bisa 7 menit mas. Semoga membantu yaa.


  8. Ahmad Nasser says:

    halo mas bro, mo nanya lagi nih
    startupnya koq lama banget yah, setelah dicek ternyata selama beberapa menit, CPU Usage mentok terus diangka 100%, banyak proses yg memakan kerja memory seperti aplikasi2 dari VAIO, kira2 aplikasi2 apaan aja yah yg ga perlu dan bisa dimatiin servicesnya???


    • simiancreased says:

      Coba inactive aja vaio gate, dia resource start up paling besar. Kalo bs jg jalanin aja disk defrag. Memang agak oama untuk defragnya, tapi nantinya akan cepet koq. CMIIW


  9. This is a very cool gadget, that adds a Bluetooth interface to anything with either audio-in or audio-out jacks.

    For example, receiver side of this device will connect your home/car/boat stereo to your Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player (like the one built into the RAZR V3xx and V3i mobile phones) allowing you to play your MP3s through the stereo’s amp and speakers.

    The transmitter side makes it possible to listen to the TV over Bluetooth headphones, just plug this thing in to the audio output jacks (found on most cable converters, DVD players, etc.)

    In short, it makes your older audio devices available via Bluetooth, in just about every way you can imagine.

    A couple of quick usage notes:

    1.) To put it into pairing mode you must hold it’s ID button for 7 seconds while it is powered *off*. You can hold it all day long after it’s powered on, without changing a thing.

    2.) The female audio jacks built into it are pretty stiff, you have to push it in until it clicks, and it takes a little more force than usual. (btw, its package does not RCA jack adapters, as is suggested in some of the product’s literature, but those adapters are both cheap and readily available.)

    3.) It’s documentation states it can store 8 pairings with other devices, but does not indicate whether its transmitter is capable of connecting to more than one device at a time (which would be most functional, for sure.) At the moment I only have one device that supports A2DP (as a receiver, so until I get another, it’s wait-and-see, I suppose… (I’ll be pleasanty surprised if it does support more than one concurrent receiver, but what the heck: dare to dream.)

  10. amir says:

    hi tks verygood review..
    sorry how i can tnter boot menu
    in dell laptop its work with F11 but i cant find sony key to enter bios or boot menu?

  11. hafiz abdillah says:

    5 star review.
    saya tertarik mau beli laptop ini.pertanyaan saya,
    1. gimana cara upgrade memory dari 2gb ke 4gb ?apa beli ram 2gb untuk slot lainnya ?
    2. gimana cara upgrade windows 7 starter ke ultimate ?thanks a lot 🙂

  12. indah says:

    halo mas.. Thanks ya reviewnya berguna bgt.. Sebelum beli Vaio YB, saya baca review di blog mas dan bbrp hari yang lalu akhirnya saya mantep beli Vaio YB ini..

    Di tokonya saya langsung minta upgrade memory 2 giga lagi dan upgrade ke ultimate.. Windows starter orinya di burn ke cd, dan baru upgrade pake ultimate bajakan.. Tapi oleh penjualnya ternyata di upgrade ke ultimate 32 bit, bukan 64 bit. Menurut mas, mendingan saya upgrade lagi ke ultimate 64 bit atau tetep pake yg 32 itu? Trus assist buttonnya kenapa ngga mau dipencet ya? apa memang harus donlot sendiri di webnya sony? atau mungkin program vaio care nya ke delete sama si penjualnya waktu lagi upgrade windows?

    Mohon bantuannya ya mas.. Makasih 🙂

  13. gue aje says:

    jadi ngiler nih???? maw tanya mas sebelum saya maw beli vaio ini,klo buat maen game bisa ga? misal pes 2011 atau apalah?? lelet ga ya? itu aja mas<duh jadi ga sbar ngambil,tp nunggu gajian datang nanti T_T

    • simiancreased says:

      Untuk main game sih kurang mantep ya mas, tapi bisa dijalankan kalo PES 2011. Game yang pernah saya mainkan adalah PES, assasin’s creed, COD MW, COD Black Ops, Far, Crysis 2, F1 2010, dll. Inget aja, ini bukan gaming computer 😀

  14. andhy says:

    Mas, saya beli Vaio seri ini, gara2 liat ulasan lengkap sampeyan nih, jd sampeyan musti tanggungjawab nih, kalo saya ada kesulitan hehehe. Saya sih udah punya dari bbrp bulan yang lalu, tapi kalo make Win7 Ultimate, emang kurang “nendang” dengan RAM cm 2 GB, RAM yang cocok dgn RAM bawaan dari Vaio ini apa ya? ada rekomendasi tipe dan merek?

    • simiancreased says:

      RAM yang cocok adalah DDR3 mas, karena ada 2 slot di notebook ini, makanya bisa menambah saja di slot yang satunya. Saya pake corsair. CMIIW

  15. Hi, re: Hands-On Sony Vaio YB15AG Review (Personal Reviewed …. %ANCHOR_TEX%. I recently also had a fault on my laptop; sony vaio Laptop CPU, fortunately got it fixed last Wednesday at this place in harrow, easy to reach via the London Underground train. Get off at Harrow & Wealdstone station (on bakerloo line) and its ten minutes walk to the Laptop Repair Company. Good reliable service with warranty & affordable. Hope this helps. nathandaveblythe@gmx.com

  16. Sanaphone says:

    mau tanya gan…
    ini vaio-ku dah tak install NFSU 1 bisa jalan cepet banget tp kok layarnya ga bisa full widescreen ya…??? ga bisa full atas-bawah sama kanan-kiri, kliatan imut ditengah.. 😦
    game lain juga sama (Arcadepool)
    windows udah 7 ultimate.
    tolong solusinya gan..???

  17. assalam,
    ane tanya,,
    1.ane msih smp trus biasa pake software video editor kyk ulead,pinacle,dll. Kra2 yb35ag/yb15ag ngangkat g y??
    2.buat game kra2 co2k gak ya?? Game yg ringan2 aja kyk emulator ps1,pes 6,dll
    3.yb35ag trmasuk netbook ato notebook?
    4.yb35ag/yb15ag worth gak?soalnya ada tpe bru yaitu seri ek35eg,

    • simiancreased says:

      Saya rasa untuk procie yb15ag saat ini sudah memadai utuk video editing hingga game mediocre dengan harga murah dan design yang oke. Worth to buy. CMIIW


  18. Christ Bennington says:

    Muantab ripiuw nya gan….
    btw laptop ane pada saat sudah muncul di dekstop,ada bunyi ‘ peekkk ‘ gto gan ( smacem bunyi peringatan gto)…knp ya gan…? thx

  19. Christ Setra says:

    Gan Lepi ane pada saat starup ko lemot ych gan…rencana mo di instal ulang z.gmn caranya gan ? pke asstan button gto ? thx

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