Citizen CA0030-52E Eco Drive

Do you know any of the automatic, kinetic, solar powered, and eco-drive technology on watches? I know some watches used these kinds of technology. Some model have their own technology. Rolex uses an Automatic, Seiko uses Kinetic technology, Casio Protrek edition uses tough solar, and Eco-Drive technology is used by Citizen. But there are other model that use the same technology like automatic be used in Seiko 5 too.

In my recent article, I would like to write about an Eco-Drive Technology that is used by Citizen. Eco-Drive is the series name of a line of mainly light powered watches manufactured by the Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. The first Eco-Drive watches were sold in 1995. In other technology, Tough Solar is the name given by Casio to the solar powered battery charging system used in its G-Shock, ProTrek, Pathfinder and other lines of watches. A self-contained, environmentally-friendly solar cell provides a supply of energy to the watch. Spare solar energy is saved in a battery. Normally, the solar cell and rechargeable battery should be able to last as long as the watch.

Light as power source

Most Eco-Drive type watches are equipped with a special titanium lithium ion secondary battery that is charged by an amorphous silicon solar cell located behind the dial.[2] The titanium lithium-ion composition precludes it from being affected from the regular charge/discharge cycle of other types of rechargeable batteries. Light passes through the covering crystal and dial before it reaches the solar cell.[3]

Depending on the electronic movement model, a fully charged secondary power cell could run with no further charging anywhere from 30 days to 3,175 days (8.7 years), though most Eco-Drive men’s watch models offer a six-month power reserve.[4] If kept in the dark for too long, some movement models engage a hibernate mode, where the hands of the watch stop running but the internal quartz movement still keeps track of time. If an ample supply of light is given, the hands move to the proper positions and resume regular timekeeping.

Hybrid Eco-Drive movements

Citizen also built an automatic quartz powered watch, the Citizen Promaster Eco-Duo Drive (released in December 1998).[6] Novel to this watch was the use of both mechanical power as well as a solar cell to power the electronic movement and charge the secondary power cell. This model was an attempt to enter higher-priced markets (at a cost of around $1,000 USD). The Eco-Duo Drive technology failed to attract consumer interest and Citizen has since stopped making use of the unique movement.

P1080594Solar cell and secondary battery life expectancy

According to Citizen, experimental data showed the solar cell and secondary battery will last for more than 10 years.[7] According to Citizen Europe, laboratory test showed that after 20 years the secondary battery retains a power storage capacity of 80% of its initial capacity.

The Citizen CA 0030 – 52E that I bought about a month ago is really fascinating. It has a saphire glass that is the most important things in watches I bought. Sapphire (Greek: σάπφειρος; sappheiros, “blue stone”[1]) is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3), when it is a color other than red or dark pink; in which case the gem would instead be called a ruby, considered to be a different gemstone. Sapphire “glass” (although being crystalline) is made from pure sapphire boules by slicing off and polishing thin wafers. Sapphire glass windows are used in high pressure chambers for spectroscopy, crystals in high quality watches, and windows in grocery store barcode scanners since the material’s exceptional hardness and toughness makes it very resistant to scratching. I also have my Swiss Expedition that uses Saphire, it is scratch free watch.

The next is The Citizen CA0030-52E has a Titanium wrist that is very light for me to wear and it is as hard as stainless steel. You’ll feel like you are not wearing any watches when you are friendly with the heavily stainless steel one. This Citizen CA0030-52E has the Eco-Drive technology too. It wears a chargeable battery with solar powered one. The unique thing is that Citizen claims that this kind of Eco-Drive technology battery will last about 20 years. Do you still want to wear this watches for the next 20 years??

For me, this watch is awesome one. I used to buy the Citizen blue angels JN0040 which is my dream watch. But when I find this CA series, I fell in love just because the eco-drive technology. Promaster navyhawk has also the eco drive series, the newest one with the higher price. Next watch I’ll buy the Promaster series for my wrist.



5 thoughts on “Citizen CA0030-52E Eco Drive

  1. Ola! Simiancreased,
    On a similar note,, Eco-Drive Ladies Sports Watches are a quality, self-powering or “eco-driven” watch, drawing energy from natural sunlight or even lamp light so that the watch battery need not be replaced over the lifetime of the watch.
    Kindest Regards

  2. Benito Stagnitta says:

    Solar cells are the basic component of any active system used to convert sunlight into a form of energy. Traditionally, solar cells were used as the key part of panel systems that generated electricity or heat for homes. These days, the technology is used in a wide variety of applications, which means the style of solar cells vary per application.”

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