Xperia Mini Pro Review : The Mini but Mighty Successor

A year ago, I wrote about Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro review. I’ve always wanted an adequate camera performance and X10 mini pro edition gave me that. More than enough, the 5MP camera is always beautiful to see  the image. Compared to other phone camera, the quality of x10 Mini pro is more than average. It is always fun to have a small but powerful, as their motto : Mini but Mighty.

A week ago, I bought another version of mini pro. Xperia line up has launched another version (upgraded version) of the X10 families. Xperia mini pro is an upgraded version of X10 Mini Pro. What’s so good about the newer version of mini pro??

The most important thing of android version in X10 Mini Pro has been an end to them. Sony has stated an upgrade for x10 families for Q4 this year but I can’t be sure about it anymore. Actually the éclair version of android implemented in X10 families is adequate enough for us. But user’s need more games and other experience in new GUI with dual touch (pinch to zoom) and any other improvement that you can get for a higher version of android. X10 Mini Pro has a limited hardware performance on CPU and RAM that will limit its performance in playing a hardcore game.

In this case, Sony Ericsson made another version I mean an upgrade version of Xperia line ups. They provide a better hardware simulation to provide an upgrade for later version. All Xperia line ups has “GingerBread” version of android (android v2.3.3). For my recent review, I will focused on my Xperia Mini Pro to get in depth on my new gadget. And somehow, I’ll show you some comparison to X10 Mini Pro about the hardware and software performance.

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