Indonesian holidays on 2012

I got a message from my friend about next year holidays. This information is useful in preparing our leaves and holiday party.

liburan th 2012. Silakan, siapa tau brmanfaat

Minggu – 1 Januari 2012 : Tahun Baru Masehi
Senin – 23 Januari 2012 : Tahun Baru Imlek
Sabtu – 4 Februari 2012 : Maulud Nabi Muhamad
Jumat – 23 Maret 2012 : Hari Raya Nyepi
Jumat – 6 April 2012 Wafat Isa Almasih
Minggu – 6 Mei 2012 Hari Raya Waisak
Kamis – 17 Mei 2012 Kenaikan Isa Al-Masih
Sabtu – 16 Juni 2012 Isra Miraj
Jumat – 17 Agustus 2012 : Hari Kemerdekaan RI
Minggu – Senin 19-20 Agustus 2012 Hari Raya Idul Fitri
Jumat – 26 Oktober 2012 Hari Raya Idul Adha
Kamis – 15 November 2012 Tahun Baru Hijriah
Selasa – 25 Desember 2012 Hari Natal
Ditambah cuti bersama dadakan :
* Jumat 18 Mei 2012
* Jumat 16 November 2012
* Senin 24 Desember 2012

Semoga bermanfaat u/ planning liburan agar bisa order tiket pesawat n hotel lebih murah

Samsung Galaxy S II : Not comparable

About a month ago, my sister queuing for a Samsug Galaxy S II in their first Grand Launching in Pacific Place, Jakarta. The price was shockingly attractive by giving a BCA Credit Card holder’s to buy at Rp 4.2 mio with a 6 or 12 months 0%, while the other cash payment will be given a Rp 4.5 mio. With this attractive price, there are so many people queuing for this cell phone to buy. There were only 1.200 units to sell in one day. Now, The Samsung Galaxy S II has been sold in a regular price at Rp 5.5 mio.

I already know that this cell phone, The Samsung Galaxy S II, has a high performance in android today’s handsets. You can compare it to its class like HTC Sensation and LG Optimus 2x where they have the same hardware with a dual core processor and a powerful graphic cards implemented inside. The Samsung Galaxy S II has left all their competitors far away by performance test.


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