Peusijeuk is the Aceh traditional ways in delivering and celebrating a success of something. Peusijeuk is usually done when someone has “Sunatan”, new baby born, new couple, etc.

There are so many Aceh food to eat in this kind of ceremonial. The thing I love the most is to eat the ‘Kari Kambing’. This is a special food, the meat is very tasty and soft to eat. With an expert, the goat meat will never feel any bad smell. You should try one.

Keeping Up The Top Performance


How often some of you use your personal car? How often some of you would even care about your car maintenance? As a busy worker, we had a very little time to take good care of our own car. Every little detail that we should care about is very important to our vehicle.

Yet it was about the end of 2011 and it was my leaves in my work. So, I took a chance to drop by in taking good care of my old Accord Cielo ’97. Changing the oil, balancing and spooring were the things I did.

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Mother’s day

Today’s, December 22nd, 2011 is the very delightful day of every mothers. We celebrate the mother’s day joyfully. Have you all say ‘I love you, mom’ or even drop her a hug for giving and sacrificing all her love to us?


We came to my dearest grandmother. She is the best grandmother that we have. Even when she’s sick, she can always make us smile by replying every words to say to her.

She is always still be the greatest mom for my father. Get well soon my grandmom, you’re still the best for all over these year and we’ll always love and pray for your health. Happy mothers day for all the mother in the world.

Remember the glorious day


My friends tagged me on his facebook pictures. It was about 5 years ago or more when i was still active in Taekwondo that made me missed it so much. I missed the day we are together, with some competitions to win and the friendship when we run across the city.

Every year would be great, because we were in the mood of making fun new students, all night long. ‘Making fun’ doesn’t always be a bad things to be done, it was used to make our friendship even closer.

I missed you my glorious day and best friends.