White Hunter, Gandaria City Jakarta

Do you ever know White Hunter? White Hunter is a place where their specialties on Ribs, Steak, etc. I was on my journey in eating some steak or ribs, and I go to Gandaria City. White Hunter has a cozy place to have a dinner on.

I was eating their Beef Ribs which was one of their specialties. This ribs were awesome and tasty. About the price? The regular one priced about Rp 130k with only 2 huge ribs and Rp 160k for 4 ribs. This is a very recomended ribs to eat.

I also taste another steak, named Rib Eye Steak. This is Rp 99k. The steak would be made on rare, medium rare, until well done. I chose well done in order to satisfy my stomach need.

This is called a fried champs. A mushrooms fried so nicely and I loved to eat this before the main course above. The priced ranged about Rp 35k for 8 fried champs. Very recommended to eat too.

White Hunter is a cozy place to eat ribs and steak, they serves a profesional menu with a profesional services. This is a place to go where you need to find some place to stay alone or maybe with your girlfriend.


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