The Butcher, Gandaria City Jakarta

Eating steak is one of the joyful moment for some of us to relieve stress and have some chit chat with your friends or family. This was a 3rd steak dinner for me after eating in the White Hunter and I brought my family to enjoy the steak in The Butcher.



The Butcher - Rib Eye Steak

This is a Ribeye Premium steak. 200gr of this steak with french fries, salad and sauces will satisfy your need in eating steak. Its worth about Rp 170k++ for this Ribeye Premium.


The Butcher - Tenderloin Premium

This is another one : 200gr of Tenderloin Premium steak with a nice sauce that I forgot the name. Tenderloin Premium has a meat with less fat. Its worth about Rp 190k++ for this.

All of the steak in The Butcher are from US Meat. You can also choose the sauce. But remember, all price haven’t been taxed and service taxed. Overall, The butcher will always good for a family to eat and chit chat. But I still recommend White Hunter for a better place to eat ribs. Choose your own.


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