Keeping Up The Top Performance


How often some of you use your personal car? How often some of you would even care about your car maintenance? As a busy worker, we had a very little time to take good care of our own car. Every little detail that we should care about is very important to our vehicle.

Yet it was about the end of 2011 and it was my leaves in my work. So, I took a chance to drop by in taking good care of my old Accord Cielo ’97. Changing the oil, balancing and spooring were the things I did.



Balancing is one way to make sure that your tires to run smoothly. The mechanic will test every tire and run it on their machine in about 15km to test the tire balance. After balancing the tire, I’ve managed the mechanic to set the tire repositioned, The one is from the front will be set to the back in order to keep the tire loose balance.




After making the tire balance and repositioned it, we took the Spooring test to make sure the 4 tires will be on the balance position. This spooring test also make sure the steering balance of your car to the center. Every tire will be provided with sensor that will send a transmission through infrared to the computer where the mechanic will able to see the tire position and help them with the information to set the chamber or else.

The oil maintenance with Mobil One 4L, Balancing, Tire repositioning, and Spooring will always make your car run smoothly but this is only a part of the whole car maintenance that should be done carefully. Is this done yet?? I am trying to push the gas even harder for the test, but the most important test of all is the fuel test, will this maintenance give a boost for the fuel efficiency too?? I am hoping so. Cheers


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