How Japanese sing Indonesian Bengawan Solo

Mau Tau bagaimana orang Jepang
belajar, serta bisa pandai menyanyikan lagu bengawan solo?


Being a one , So-low…
Re wired moe in knee….
So diary due lure judd dear.
pearl hutty ant in sunny….

Ear toe pair  are  Who …?
Re-wired moe due Lou…
Parr are pair dug gung …
Slow Low,  NIKE two pair are who..

Matter eye-ear  mou diary So-low
Turque roong Goo noong siree boo  ..
Eye ear mellow up some pie jaar uuh
Uh here near kerr  louuud …..

Mou shim camarro,
tug bra parr eye-ear mou
Dear mou shim who jeanne eye-ear mellow up some pie  jar ooohh…..

translated & interpreter by
A young Niko Katsumoro.


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