The Death of Call Center??

The rapid growth of smartphone adoption is changing every facet of our lives. From Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, to the thousands of mobile applications that entertain and educate us, we have become an always-connected society.

Pew Internet & American Life Project reported that smartphone users have now surpassed basic phone users. Gartner predicts that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide. WiFi is so widely available in major metropolitan areas that most tablet users don’t even need wireless data plans. Finally, tablet sales grew 264% in 2011 over the previous year, and this year, Yankee Group predicts the sale of almost 25 million tablets in the U.S. alone.

What does this data mean for companies looking to engage with a connected audience? Consumers are now demanding communication with their providers, on their terms, which in most cases, means through their connected devices.

What does this mean for the call center? Well, it will cease to be the primary interaction channel between companies and their customers. The smartphone will become the contact center of the future.

It won’t happen all at once, and certainly not everyone will prefer this channel. However, both consumers and businesses will benefit significantly, leading to a major communication shift by the end of 2012.

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Google Maps real-time Traffic


Now if you’re trying to figure out how to get to your job interview or dinner with friends you can also account for what route might be the fastest. Google Maps has added the ability to see the estimated time of your journey using real-time traffic data.

The new-and-improved feature offers estimated travel times within Google Maps based on current traffic conditions. So, if you’re heading across town to meet a new yoga instructor you’ll be able to see how long several routes might take with no traffic, as well as how long the expedition might be based on the traffic conditions right now.

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Gold as an Investment?

Numerous commentaries in the media, both on television and in print, would have us believe that gold is a bad investment. Headlines warning investors to avoid the yellow metal are commonplace. Examples such as “Five reasons not to own gold”, “Gold is in a bubble”, “Gold as an investment – think again”, “Gold is a bad hedge”, “Gold is a pointless rock,” and “Why gold is a bad investment” can be found with a simple Google search on gold and investment.

Each of the above points are addressed and debunked in the BMG Special Report, ‘Six Biggest Myths About Gold’ which readers of this article are strongly encouraged to read and which can be downloaded for free at

These articles miss the point, because they treat gold as an investment. To fully understand gold’s role in an investment portfolio, we need to adopt a new mindset, a gold mindset.

Simply put, gold is not a bad investment, and gold is not a good investment. Gold is not an investment at all – gold is money.

While many people believe gold is an archaic relic that has no role in today’s sophisticated, computerized, paper-based monetary system, three facts contradict this popular misconception:

1. Gold, silver and platinum are traded on the currency desks of the major banks and brokerage houses, not the commodity desks. Traders understand gold is money to be traded against paper currencies. 2. The world’s central banks hold about 30,000 tonnes of gold in reserves. While there has been a lot of media attention given to central bank sales in the past, gold holdings have only declined by about 2,000 tonnes since 1980. Central banks have become net buyers since 2009 and have been adding gold to their currency reserves. Central bankers understand gold is money. 3. The turnover rate between members of the London Bullion Market Association is over $20 billion per day, with volume estimated at five to seven times that amount. Clearly, this has nothing to do with jewelry sales and everything to do with the exchange of money

The definition of “investment” is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income or appreciation of the value of the investment. Through this transfer of capital, in the expectation of a profit, an investor gives up their capital and puts it at risk. The investor receives a return in dividends or interest as compensation because their capital is at risk; they may get back less than they invested, or they may get back nothing at all.

However, physical gold bullion or physical paper currencies locked in a vault are not invested; they are simply being stored. Since neither is invested, they don’t earn interest or dividends, but they don’t have any counterparty risk. The major difference between gold and currencies kept in a vault, however, is that gold’s purchasing power increases while paper currencies lose purchasing power year after year.

Both gold and currencies can be taken out of the vault with ease, and the proceeds invested by giving them to someone else in return for dividends or interest. An interesting perspective can be gained by calculating whether the proposed investment is likely to return more gold ounces than were originally invested. For example, the 44 ounces of gold required to purchase the Dow in 2000 has now dwindled to fewer than nine ounces. Might as well have left the gold in the vault. Since gold maintains and even increases in purchasing power, there is no need to put it at risk in order to earn a minimal amount of interest or dividends.

Figure 1 illustrates how gold has not only preserved but also increased its purchasing power from 1971, when the gold standard was abandoned, to 2011.


Figure 2 illustrates how all of the major currencies have declined over the last decade when measured by gold ounces.


It is crucial to recognize that physical gold bullion, held directly or on an allocated and insured basis in a vault, is not an investment because it is not someone else’s promise of performance or someone else’s liability, and as a result has no counterparty risk. All other forms of gold ownership are, in fact, investments. Paper gold certificates, unallocated bullion accounts, ETFs, shares in gold mining companies and futures contracts all have counterparty risk, and are either someone else’s promise of performance or liability. They may have their place in a portfolio, but they are all investments. We hold physical gold in a vault, we hold physical currencies in a bank, but we invest in financial assets.

By : Nick Barisheff, As President of Bullion Management Group Inc. (

Starting a ‘Right’ Business??


Do you dream of the day you can start your own business? Take control of the reins, set your own schedule and make your own decisions?

In these days of economic uncertainty when layoffs and unemployment rates dominate the news, the idea of starting a business no longer seems all that much riskier than the traditional nine-to-five office job.

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurial life, do you know how to choose the type of business that’s right for you? What industry and business would make the best use of your specific abilities and assets? Here are six tips for selecting the business that’s right for you:

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Pakar : Tomcat tidak berbahaya bagi manusia

Bogor: Pakar entomologi (ilmu tentang serangga) Departemen Proteksi Tanaman, Fakultas Pertanian, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) Aunu Rauf, mengatakan serangga tomcat tidak berbahaya bagi manusia. “Serangga tomcat ini lebih banyak manfaatnya dari pada mudarotnya. Karena dia merupakan sahabat manusia dalam mengendalikan hama wereng coklat,” kata Rauf saat ditemui di kediamannya di Bogor Baru Kota Bogor, Selasa (20/3) kemarin. Dia mengatakan, serangga tersebut tidak akan menyerang manusia selama dirinya tidak diganggu. Karena serangga tersebut akan mengeluarkan racunnya bila ia merasa terancam.

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My Idiot Brother

Oleh: Agnesdavonar | 23 February 2012 | 13:26 WIB


” Ketika tidak ada lagi cara untuk mencari kebahagiaan maka kita hanya memiliki satu pilihan untuk mengorbankan apa yang kita sebut kebencian, sebab hanya dengan itulah kebahagiaan akan terlahir disamping kita ” Agnes Davonar

Sebenarnya apa sih arti kebahagiaan. Buat gua, kebahagian itu dilihat dari siapa saja yang ada di sekitar kita. Buat gua, kebahagiaan itu. Seharusnya dalam hidup gua, hanya ada orang-orang yang berarti. Tapi, sayangnya kebahagiaan yang gua miliki rasanya dikotorin oleh pikiran gua sendiri. Alkisah, gua punya keluarga lengkap, ayah, ibu dan seorang kakak laki-laki. Tapi kakak laki-laki gua ini sangat berbeda. Dia seperti penghalang kebahagiaan dalam hidup gua, bukan karena dia pinter ataupun bisa merebut kasih sayang orang tua gua. Tapi karena dia idiot. tapi dari dia, gua belajar akan satu hal, satu hal yang mengajarkan bahwa dialah malaikat dalam hidup gua yang berwujub manusia

Idiot dalam arti kata bego, cacat dan bikin malu gua sebagai adik. Ga ada yang bisa gua banggakan dari dia, umurnya uda 5 tahun lebih tua dari gua, tapi begonya seperti 10 tahun lebih mudah dari gua. Gua gak heran, nyokap sampai harus rela nunda kelahiran gua 5 tahun kemudian, hanya demi merawat dia. Dalam bahasa kedokteran, dia itu kena sindrom Down yang bikin otak dia itu bego. Ga penting apa penyakit yang dia bawa sejak lahir, seharusnya dia itu ga pernah ada aja, karena menurut gua, dia itu hanya bikin malu gua.

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Girls confessions

Chapter 1. Dating a 10 year older guy, and he happened to be my teacher— ilegal! No.1

Ch2. Dating a guy who had a wife and 2 kids, ilegal no.2

Ch.3 dating a guy who dumped me cuz I said I ain’t gonna sleep with him, he got married eventually but deleted me on fb.. This sucks really

Ch.4 dating a Cop, flew myself to see him , 7 hours flight, and was savin up just to see him,, went home simply broken hearted,, cried my self up during my flight back home.. This is the hardest one, the saddest one..

Ch.5 dating a guy I knew long years ago,, unfortunetaly, I figure I don’t love him -_-

Ch.6 randomly met a guy, became email pal, and kinda fall for him, and he got PTSD — how worst things could be..

Ch.7 I decided to become a monk hahahahaha

Tomcat – The New Indonesian Plague


Kl ada yg kena Tomcat, cepet cuci air bersih, kasih salep hydrocortisone 1% or Salep betametasone+antibiotik neomycin sulfat-3xsehari or Salep Acyclovir 5%.

Binatangnya kyk kalajengking tp kecil pnjang warna merah belang hitam.. Kl digigit jadinya kyk herpes merah dan tengahnya bernanah diameter 2cm dan terus membesar bila tidak di tanggulangi
Surabaya sdg diserang binatang ini.. Korbannya sdh ratusan, apartemen jg kena .. Binatangnya kecil dan bisa loncat-loncat.

Nama Hewan ini adalah KUMBANG ROVE. Kumbang Rove atau lebih dikenali juga dengan nama daerah Semut Semai, Semut Kayap atau Charlie. Kumbang ini mempunyai ukuran kurang daripada 1 cm panjang. Badannya berwarna kuning gelap di bagian atas, bawah abdomen dan kepala berwarna gelap. Bagian tengah abdomen yang berwarna hijau tua mempunyai sepasang sayap keras.

Biasanya, kumbang ini kelihatan merangkak di kawasan sekeliling dengan menyembunyikan sayapnya dan dalam sekali pandang ia lebih menyerupai semut. Apabila diganggu kumbang ini akan menaikkan bahagian abdomen supaya kelihatan seperti kala jengking untuk menakutkan

Yang Menyebabkan Reaksi Kulit Kumbang ini tidak menyengat atau menggigit. Cairan hemolimf yang terdapat di dalam badan (kecuali sayap) kumbang ini mengandungi racun sentuhan hewan yang paling berbisa di dunia. Toksin ini dikenali sebagai ‘paederin’ (C24 H43 O9 N) dinamakan dalam tahun 1953. Cairan ini disinyalir 12x lebih mematikan dari bisa ular kobra.

Tomcat otomatis akan mengeluarkan cairan apabila terjadi sentuhan atau benturan dengan kulit manusia secara langsung. Bisa juga dengan sentuhan tidak langsung melalui handuk, baju atau alat lain yang tercemar oleh racun tomcat tersebut. Itu sebabnya, jika sudah terkena dermatitis otomatis seperti seprei dan uba rampe-nya, handuk maupun alat-alat yang disinyalir terkena racun tomcat harus dibersihkan.
Bersentuhan dengan kumbang ini saat merayap atau tidur, menghancurkannya pada badan atau mengosok dengan jari yang kotor akan menyebabkan konjunktivitis dan penyakit kulit yang teruk yang dikenali sebagai ‘dermatitis linearis’, ‘paederus (kumbang rove/ staphylinidae) dermatitis’.

Credit To :
Mami & Kak Cherry

Management Control System–Week 3

Before Choosing an evaluative methodology, a manager must determine the following:

· How to determine investment priorities (what tangible and intangible benefits must be taken into account?)

· How to assess the risk of each investment

· How to establish a process for managing the realization of expected benefit? This is a long term issue, and

· How to justify the investments (how it fits within the overall strategy?)

Capital vs Labor intensive

Capital intensive : FC(up), VC(down)

Labor Intensive : FC(down), VC(up)

· Untuk menentukan mana yang lebih digunakan

o Buatlah diagram untuk membandingkan titik dimana Labor intensive dan capital intensive bertemu

o Berdasar titik tersebut, maka dapat ditentukan dimana tempat yang lebih menguntungkan capital intensive atau labor intensive.

Why relate profits to investments

· Unless an organizzatio is a 10% service organization, profits are generated ONLY if you have investments

· Therefore, earning a satisfactory return on the investments employed is necessary.

· The investors in stock compute such a return routinely (eg. FORD and GM)

Why relate profits to investments? The manager’s responsibility

· First, a manager should invest in asset only if asset will produce adequate returns

· Second, when an asset is not providing adequate return (the expected return could change over the years), it is time to "disinvest" or reduce further investments into this asset.

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Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque has opened my eyes to the beautiful 4×4 cars. The white Evoque also builds the beauty and a very strong car. Range Rovers are luxury status symbols that also perform. They’re the quintessential movie villain SUV. You may not pull babes like the guy with the Defender, but if you’ve already got a woman who loves you, she’ll appreciate the smooth ride and 28 mpg on the highway — which might even leave you with a few extra bones for lift tickets after all that work getting to the slopes.

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