Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque has opened my eyes to the beautiful 4×4 cars. The white Evoque also builds the beauty and a very strong car. Range Rovers are luxury status symbols that also perform. They’re the quintessential movie villain SUV. You may not pull babes like the guy with the Defender, but if you’ve already got a woman who loves you, she’ll appreciate the smooth ride and 28 mpg on the highway — which might even leave you with a few extra bones for lift tickets after all that work getting to the slopes.

eD4 Manual (2WD) 2.2 Litre Diesel Engine (150hp) with six-speed transmission.

Introducing the lightest diesel engine we have ever built, the 2.2-litre 150hp eD4 has been engineered to deliver quieter, more refined performance. It also contributes to Range Rover’s best fuel economy figures and CO₂ emissions of sub 130 g/km for the 2WD Coupé.

<strong>eD4 Manual (2WD) 
</strong>2.2 Litre Diesel Engine (150hp) with six-speed transmission.


The 8 inch Touch-screen together with the 5 inch full colour driver information (TFT) display represents a revolution in the clarity and accessibility of driver information, communication and entertainment. Other essential information or commands can be accessed easily and safely through the multi-function steering wheel controls and the optional, intuitive Voice Control system.



Advanced technologies have been deployed to enhance suspension performance. The seamless combination of suspension and steering technology helps to deliver superior on-road ride and dynamic handling.
In addition, lightweight aluminium chassis components are used extensively on Range Rover Evoque, improving suspension performance by increasing stiffness and reducing unsprung weight, as well as contributing towards reduced weight and increased efficiency.



The responsive six-speed automatic transmission – standard on petrol, optional on the SD4 diesel engine – features Drive Select, an advanced rotary gearshift, which rises up to ‘handshake’ the driver when the engine is switched on. For even greater driver involvement, paddle shift controls on the steering wheel allow you to change gear manually, when you choose to.
Diesel models are also available with a manual six-speed transmission, featuring intelligent Stop/Start function.


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