Girls confessions

Chapter 1. Dating a 10 year older guy, and he happened to be my teacher— ilegal! No.1

Ch2. Dating a guy who had a wife and 2 kids, ilegal no.2

Ch.3 dating a guy who dumped me cuz I said I ain’t gonna sleep with him, he got married eventually but deleted me on fb.. This sucks really

Ch.4 dating a Cop, flew myself to see him , 7 hours flight, and was savin up just to see him,, went home simply broken hearted,, cried my self up during my flight back home.. This is the hardest one, the saddest one..

Ch.5 dating a guy I knew long years ago,, unfortunetaly, I figure I don’t love him -_-

Ch.6 randomly met a guy, became email pal, and kinda fall for him, and he got PTSD — how worst things could be..

Ch.7 I decided to become a monk hahahahaha


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