Instagram for Android



Instagram is the famous photo-sharing services in iOS platform has come to android devices. This porting from this mobile application that has been long await from android user.




Photo sharing made easy and photo edit has been embeded in the application. Some style that user’s will have less time to edit and make their photos more beautiful is inside this instagram. You can upload, edit and share any photo to this services.

We are proposed to a new instagram profile and it will ask your facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc account for them to connect your friends in instagram. It will also shares your instagram pics in your connected account.

The thing i love about instagram are that they allow others to view our pictures even if others not following us. The hashtag (#) things is another great points. Whenever we put hashtags in our photos, it will be available in instagram’s world. The same as twitter search technique.

Instagram is better than facebook to share pictures and made your pictures better. The picture editor is what has been missing in facebook and this has been an enhancement in instagram and be the main part of this app. But, what i’ve seen lately that instagram has reduced our picture quality and made it square sized for any pictures uploaded. I believe that this is done due to the main function of this app, instagram is for mobile only. Overall, I love sharing the pictures with instagram.

Android download (2.2 or higher) : Instagram for Android


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