Streamzoo : Is it just another Photo-sharing app??

As per my previous application review for photo-sharing service, the famous Instagram. I found another interesting applications in google play with the same point of view and focus, streamzoo.



Streamzoo provides more advanced photo-editing tools before you upload your arts. Unlike the instagram for android, it has 15 filters, borders, tilt-shift, more advanced lighting tools, and the best thing is you can choose how your photo sized to be uploaded. This what matter the most, unlike Instagram that force you to have a square picture to be uploaded.



Streamzoo integrates most unique version of foursquare in their application. Badges are used to encourage users to have more goals than only post your photo. They have their own achievements in every badges and it will impacted to your scoring that will make you in the leaderboard.

This games are quite successful in foursquare and users will provide more time just to have or in achieving their goals with collecting badges.



Streamzoo has fully intergrates hashtags into a very important life in photo-upload. By putting hashtag in your photo, it will be available in others stream, and others will see your photo in the world of stream or hashtags.

Hashtags are very popular in twitterland. People may search something by using hashtags. Instagram use this technique too in order to make the photo available for others and simply use search to make it happen.

What streamzoo has done is quite good by hashtags enhancement in their streams mode. You can follow some hashtags and make it available in your profile to see such related pictures. I believe it’s better than twitter and instagram in this point of view.



What makes this application looks very special is that they has eagerly put a better tools inside to edit your photo. First thing first, you have the choice of not to crop your pictures into square like instagram does. They have some choices in this mode. After that, you can edit your pictures with 15 different filters style, borders, tilt-shifting, and others like lighting, hue, saturation, contrast, etc. This what makes this apps wins against instagram.

The pros and cons have put this apps into photo-sharing battle. What streamzoo lacks are they don’t have a huge, loyal and extreme community like instagram users. The twitter support in displaying streamzoo pictures are not widely available. This make a huge impact in growing the application. People tend to have an application with wide community so their pictures will be highly appreciated with these community.


But, the competition doesn’t end here. Users and consumers will then know what best for them and this is just a start. Instagram and streamzoo provided the apps to the Android and iOS. The challanges for streamzoo are to acquire more user as we know that instagram are growing with huge users after they come into android with 5 million downloads in 1 week and Facebook has bought their product for USD 1bn and most likely to have more users after this acquisition.

Feel free to have your review guys. For android, please download in the Google Play here : Streamzoo for Android


2 thoughts on “Streamzoo : Is it just another Photo-sharing app??

  1. xoxo says:

    1 word: interesting!
    I love this app, its easy to use, funnier, n addictive.
    This app is better than instagram..cmon people, try this app!its fun..

    thanks for the review

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