How To Optimize Google Maps in Your Daily Life

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

English: Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe you all know what Google Maps technology is. There are several functions out there that will help you out in your daily life. I currently use HTC One with Android JellyBean 4.2.2 as my daily smartphone to help me several things. Google Maps have such functions like traffic, navigation, places or else. Traffic jam is such my daily problem when to go outside, especially in Jakarta where I lived in.

Google Maps has recently updated their mobile application version for android. The new Google Maps app has a simplified interface that focuses on the map. It has a lot of things in common with the new Google Maps for desktop, including the missing features. For now, there’s no support for My Maps (it will be added later), many layers are missing, Labs features are no longer available. Map caching is now a hidden feature: type “OK maps” in the search box and the app will pre-load the map you’re currently viewing. Google Latitude has been discontinued and replaced by a Google+ feature. In my limited testing, the app was pretty slow and laggy, so Google still has some work to do to optimize the app.


I use Google Maps to locate the traffic as my daily life. There are 3 types of traffic history, Green (no traffic), Yellow (normal traffic), Red (high traffic). You can locate new route if you know where the traffic is and reduce time spent. To enable this awesome tools, use your Google Maps – push the menu button on the left down (marked by 3 horizontal lines) or swipe-right to show the menu – select the “Traffic”. Your maps will likely show some colors on related road, there you go!

Google Maps Android Menu

Google Maps - Traffic History
Google Maps – Traffic History


You may also find some places to go and have it reviewed first to verify whether it is the place you are going to or not. Well, just use the Google Maps search bar, search your places. Some places have included their store details, you can directly route to the place, make a direct phone calls, see others review, pictures, save the place for future, or even want to share to others.

Google Maps - Places

Google Maps – Places


This is the most precious apps ever for navigation. Google Maps could make route to some places and for recent version, Google has updated their android version to run a turn-by-turn navigation with voice direction. This what makes the apps so special. You just put the place you want to go and select “Route”. Another way to go a place is by selecting a route icon in the search bar that will directly take you to a form “From – Choose Destination” where from values is default by ‘My Location‘. This section also provides you the recent activity of what places you were going or searched for, your home and work location, and also your saved places. Google Maps also provide you the most convenient way to get the location, by car, public transportation, bicycle, or even walk.

Google Maps - Route

Google Maps – Route

Google Maps - Route 2

Google Maps – Route 2

When you have selected the route, the maps will show you an overview to get there by giving you an information of estimated travelling minutes, approximate distance, route ways. You can swipe to right on the information given to select another route options. Google Maps will give you the most convenient way to get your place by estimating the traffic condition and selecting the best route for you. Just press “Start” button to start the turn-by-turn navigation. But, you need to enable the GPS services by ticking the ‘GPS Satelites’.

Google Maps - Navigation

Google Maps – Navigation

There are some more awesome tools inside, like “Google Street View” that will show you some images like you are standing on that road. You can also locate where you currently are by clicking the round button on the bottom right. Zooming is also very easy by pinch to zoom or double tap hold swipe up or down. And also the the 3D view by using your 2 hand hold and scroll down. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “How To Optimize Google Maps in Your Daily Life

  1. putri says:

    Good reviews, anyways not sure for the public transportation here in jakarta and other suburbs area. for trains quite accurate but for bus and angkot still needs improvement a lot. Anyways nice explanations!

    • simiancreased says:

      Google is working on public transportations in several cities. I wonder how good this applications will be when its finished.

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