Not a lot of startups tackle the field of geothermal power, which entails tapping into hot rocks deep in the Earth to produce energy and electricity. That’s because it can be an expensive proposition, and can require extensive permits and environmental reports. But a rare startup called AltaRock Energy has recently delivered a promising breakthrough that it says can lead to the commercialization of its next-generation geothermal technology.

AltaRock Energy — which has backing from venture capitalists, as well as Google (s goog) and Microsoft (s msft) co-founder Paul Allen’s investment firm — has been working on enhanced (sometimes called engineered) geothermal tech. This technology drills wells deep into the ground, injects them with cold water to fracture the hot rocks, and creates a geothermal source of power where none was naturally occurring. Traditional geothermal systems, in contrast, tap into naturally occurring geothermal reservoirs (you know, the kind you see…

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24/7 Wall St.

starbucks_coffee_cupStarbucks Corp. (NASDAQ: SBUX) reported fiscal 2013 first quarter results after markets closed today. For the quarter, the coffee roaster and restaurant company posted diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.57 on revenues of $3.8 billion. In the same period a year ago, the company reported EPS of $0.50 on revenues of $3.44 billion. First-quarter results compare to the Thomson Reuters consensus estimates for EPS of $0.57 EPS and $3.84 billion in revenues.

Same-store sales rose 7% in the Americas and 11% in Asia/Pacific and the company opened 212 new stores (net) in the first quarter.

The company’s CEO said:

Solid growth in our U.S. retail business, further expansion of our Channel Development initiatives and continued successful execution against our expansion plans throughout China and Asia Pacific all contributed to the record results we announced today. Starbucks has never been better positioned to achieve the goals we have…

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Simplicity through video sharing?


Twitter has been on a roll with new product and feature announcements lately: first came the new version of embedded tweets, which brings any extra content such as photos or video into the embedded message, and now the company has launched a new app for creating and sharing short video clips called Vine, not to mention the recent launch of Instagram-style photo filters and editing. Are these features that will enhance the Twitter experience for users, or are they signs that the service — which many saw as the poster child for simplicity of design and usability — is in danger of losing its way?

The defining feature of Twitter used to be the brevity of its messages: 140 characters and no more. Debates periodically flared up about whether this would ever be increased, but Twitter made it clear that it had no intention of expanding the…

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You're Not the Boss of Me

This post is a refreshed version of one I wrote in 2010.  While I’m not among those who believe rules are made to be broken, I do think some of us have a nasty habit of clinging to them long after they have passed their “sell by” date.  So here is my perspective on rules, along with a couple of things to think about before deciding to break them.


I think we can agree that one of the key attributes for successful leaders today is the ability to adapt quickly to new situations.   We may also agree that in order for society to function in a reasonably harmonious way, there must be rules.

And there are all kinds of them.

In general, rules are put in place to ensure personal safety and to keep things in balance.  They are also imposed to provide structure in organizational settings that support…

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Streamzoo : Is it just another Photo-sharing app??

As per my previous application review for photo-sharing service, the famous Instagram. I found another interesting applications in google play with the same point of view and focus, streamzoo.



Streamzoo provides more advanced photo-editing tools before you upload your arts. Unlike the instagram for android, it has 15 filters, borders, tilt-shift, more advanced lighting tools, and the best thing is you can choose how your photo sized to be uploaded. This what matter the most, unlike Instagram that force you to have a square picture to be uploaded.

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Google Maps real-time Traffic


Now if you’re trying to figure out how to get to your job interview or dinner with friends you can also account for what route might be the fastest. Google Maps has added the ability to see the estimated time of your journey using real-time traffic data.

The new-and-improved feature offers estimated travel times within Google Maps based on current traffic conditions. So, if you’re heading across town to meet a new yoga instructor you’ll be able to see how long several routes might take with no traffic, as well as how long the expedition might be based on the traffic conditions right now.

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Girls confessions

Chapter 1. Dating a 10 year older guy, and he happened to be my teacher— ilegal! No.1

Ch2. Dating a guy who had a wife and 2 kids, ilegal no.2

Ch.3 dating a guy who dumped me cuz I said I ain’t gonna sleep with him, he got married eventually but deleted me on fb.. This sucks really

Ch.4 dating a Cop, flew myself to see him , 7 hours flight, and was savin up just to see him,, went home simply broken hearted,, cried my self up during my flight back home.. This is the hardest one, the saddest one..

Ch.5 dating a guy I knew long years ago,, unfortunetaly, I figure I don’t love him -_-

Ch.6 randomly met a guy, became email pal, and kinda fall for him, and he got PTSD — how worst things could be..

Ch.7 I decided to become a monk hahahahaha