How do you think your university studies will affect your career in the future?

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– Munandar Hanafiah –

I believe university gives us some foundation which necessarily needs in our career, especially in academic record, so the company which we apply to can read our curriculum vitae and transcript given by university. With this document, the company can make a decision whether the applicants could cope to their working style or not.

University studies also bring the habit of student to become responsible in their given job. The company itself would prefer to have a good staff and also self motivated, therefore I believe that university bring some motivations to students to get some good score. University studies also give the student some knowledge and place for sharing questions and need for socializing everywhere and anywhere.

When we are taking career in one company or more, we can see some of knowledge given by university or friends we know in our university would give us some relations that we can share. People from university studies have some good knowledge, could think 2 or 3 times faster and believe can manage themselves to become a better person so they are given some responsibilities to organize and motivate their subordinates.

In my company where I am working as Instrument and Control Engineer Assistant in Oil and Gas Company based in Indonesia, I am regarded in salary, position, and be heard by others because of my background from university. Actually, I took Information Systems as my study in University. The only thing I know was about computer, but when I’m working here, which is technically electrical degree is highly appreciate here; I should make some changes that I should know and improve myself to study electrical or everything needed by this company from me.

Yes of course, my studies in computer are highly regarded when this company needs their computer problems solved. But, I am here to assist instrument and control engineer which is officially not my studies. I am coursed by the company for about 3 months, read some books to improve my knowledge about what should I do, joins some forums to have some discussions, implement anything I’ve known in my work. Sometimes I feel not satisfied enough to have computer studies only, I need something useful for my company here where they believe in me. Studying harder by me is hard if there’s no help from expert. It took a long time not taking course of Instrumentation and Control or maybe electrical engineering.

I think that’s some point I gave you about taking university studies or not. I believe that university studies give some good impact to the student. Knowledge should be guided in accordance to become expert, but there are also some autodidacts who can only study by their own need and they are such given mind.  Some knowledge also needs some practice. Without practice, we got nothing. Computer programming for example, studying without practicing to make programs will be useless. Sometimes we need trial and error to improve our knowledge and skill; therefore it is called practice makes perfect.