Google Play Services 4.1

The latest release of Google Play services has begun rolling out to users. It includes new Turn Based Multiplayer support for games, and a preliminary API for integrating Google Drive into your apps. This update also improves battery life for all users with Google Location Reporting enabled. Once the rollout has completed, you’ll be able to download the SDK using the Android SDK manager and get started with the new APIs. Watch for more information coming soon.

Turn Based Multiplayer
Play Games now supports turn-based multiplayer! Developers can build asynchronous games to play with friends and auto-matched players, supporting 2-8 players per game. When players take turns, their turn data is uploaded to Play Services and shared with other players automatically.

We are also providing an optional new “Connecting to Play Games” transition animation during sign-in, before the permission dialog appears. This helps contextualize the permission dialog, especially in games that ask for sign in on game start.

Google Drive
This version of Google Play Services includes a developer preview of the new Google Drive API for Android. You can use it to easily read and write files in Google Drive so they’re available across devices and on the web. Users can work with files offline too — changes are synced with Google Drive automatically when they reconnect.

The API also includes common UI components including a file picker and save dialog.

Google Mobile Ads
With Google Play services 4.1, the Google Mobile Ads SDK now fully supports DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps. You can also use a new publisher-provided location API to provide Google with the location when requesting ads. Location-based ads can improve your app monetization.

An improved Google+ sharing experience makes it even easier for users to share with the right people from your app. It includes better auto-complete and suggested recipients from Gmail contacts, device contacts and people on Google+.

More About Google Play Services
To learn more about Google Play services and the APIs available to you through it, visit the Google Services of the Android Developers site.

Download link if you are in a rush : Google Play Update

You’ll Never Send Things To Friends The Same Way Again | PushBullet Blog

You’ll Never Send Things To Friends The Same Way Again | PushBullet Blog.

By  on November 05, 2013

You can now add and push to friends with Pushbullet, making Pushbullet the fastest and easiest way to share links, files, and more, directly with your friends.

Why is Pushbullet better than other ways of sharing? Because we’ve made it possible to send almost anything directly to a friend, without anything getting in the way. Here are a couple examples of why this is better than email:

  • By pushing a link directly to a friend instead of emailing it to them, they’ll instantly get a notification about the link and going to that link is as easy as tapping on the notification (as opposed to having to go and find it in their inbox). Cool.

  • Sending a picture or file to someone shouldn’t mean attaching it to a blank email. With Pushbullet, you simply send the picture or file right to them. They can then start downloading instantly by tapping the notification. So much easier.

This is awesome, how do I get started?

Once you’ve installed or updated the Pushbullet Android app, you’ll see this message on the top of the screen. Tapping on the message will take you to a list of your contacts, where you can select those you want to be able to push to. Tapping on the X icon will dismiss the message forever.

After selecting your friends and pressing the send icon, those you’ve highlighted will be added as your friends on Pushbullet. You’ll then be able to start pushing to them right away. Those that don’t already have a Pushbullet account will get an invitation to join.

You can also add friends by entering their email address in the Android app or here on

Once you’ve added someone as a friend, pushing to them is easy.

All of your friends on Pushbullet are shown as options that can be pushed to using the updated Android appChrome extension, and Firefox extension (or via This makes sending something to a friend incredibly simple—just select the person you want to send it to and away it goes.

What happens when I push something to a friend?

They’ll instantly receive a notification on all of their Pushbullet devices. This notification will be smart—links will open in their browser, addresses in Google Map, etc, just like the notifications for pushes to your own devices. Then, once they’ve dismissed the notification on any one of their devices, we automatically dismiss it on all of the rest. This means they’ll never be annoyed seeing the same notification multiple times.

What if I push something to someone who hasn’t signed up yet?

If the person you’ve pushed to doesn’t have a Pushbullet account, we resort to sending it to them as an email. They’ll be able to see whatever you’ve pushed them right from this emailwithout having to sign up first. This is important because it means you don’t have to worry about whether or not they have Pushbullet before you send them something–they’ll get it no matter what.

What if my friend has an iPhone?

We don’t have an iOS app right now but we are working on it. In the mean time, those using iOS can still install our Chrome extension to be able to send and receive pushes on their computer.

If you’re waiting for our iOS app and want to get updates as development progresses (and potentially help us test it before release), you can subscribe to updates here.

What comes next?

These new features are huge step forward in the evolution of Pushbullet. To see people start using us to share things with friends is incredibly exciting and we’re really looking forward to hearing what’s great about it and what we can make better. Our plan for the next couple weeks is to react as quickly as we can to feedback in order to improve this new component of Pushbullet.

Most-Used Smartphone App in 2013

Most-Used Smartphone App

Google Maps shown a huge response in delivering their service. They got the tittle of The Most-Used Smartphone App in quarter 2013 shown by Statista. According to data published by GlobalWebIndex, 54 percent of global smartphone owners used Google’s navigation app in the month preceding the survey. As per my earlier post about Google Maps, the Google Maps application has several function that is very useful for our daily life.

Google’s decision to develop an open source mobile operating system and give it away for free apparently pays off. Android’s market share in the smartphone market recently soared above 70 percent and since Android phones come preloaded with several Google apps, the search company controls a significant share of mobile web usage.

So, What’s your favorite apps?


How To Optimize Google Maps in Your Daily Life

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

English: Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe you all know what Google Maps technology is. There are several functions out there that will help you out in your daily life. I currently use HTC One with Android JellyBean 4.2.2 as my daily smartphone to help me several things. Google Maps have such functions like traffic, navigation, places or else. Traffic jam is such my daily problem when to go outside, especially in Jakarta where I lived in.

Google Maps has recently updated their mobile application version for android. The new Google Maps app has a simplified interface that focuses on the map. It has a lot of things in common with the new Google Maps for desktop, including the missing features. For now, there’s no support for My Maps (it will be added later), many layers are missing, Labs features are no longer available. Map caching is now a hidden feature: type “OK maps” in the search box and the app will pre-load the map you’re currently viewing. Google Latitude has been discontinued and replaced by a Google+ feature. In my limited testing, the app was pretty slow and laggy, so Google still has some work to do to optimize the app. Continue reading

The famous HTC One – after 1 Month review


HTC One – Silver

HTC has done a very incredible job on doing their smartphone business. They are very innovative in building a smartphone software, especially in Android Platform. I’ve been using HTC Smartphone for about 2 years ago, My first device with HTC was HTC Sensation (original version) which has a very intuitive HTC Sense inside. On 2013, HTC has shown us the best mobile smartphone code name HTC M7 called HTC One with HTC Sense 5 inside.


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Streamzoo : Is it just another Photo-sharing app??

As per my previous application review for photo-sharing service, the famous Instagram. I found another interesting applications in google play with the same point of view and focus, streamzoo.



Streamzoo provides more advanced photo-editing tools before you upload your arts. Unlike the instagram for android, it has 15 filters, borders, tilt-shift, more advanced lighting tools, and the best thing is you can choose how your photo sized to be uploaded. This what matter the most, unlike Instagram that force you to have a square picture to be uploaded.

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Google Maps real-time Traffic


Now if you’re trying to figure out how to get to your job interview or dinner with friends you can also account for what route might be the fastest. Google Maps has added the ability to see the estimated time of your journey using real-time traffic data.

The new-and-improved feature offers estimated travel times within Google Maps based on current traffic conditions. So, if you’re heading across town to meet a new yoga instructor you’ll be able to see how long several routes might take with no traffic, as well as how long the expedition might be based on the traffic conditions right now.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich is the most android operating system upgrade that we wait after the launch of Galaxy Nexus series that makes the new era of Android 4.0 (codename : ICS).

Some developer has made a custom ROM for their devices to run ICS. But the official version that may come for each handset may vary. Sony has yet made a commitment to upgrade their 2011 xperia series to Ice Cream Sandwich. This video has shown their commitment by giving us the developer’s progress in making things come true.

Sony’s will provide upgrade at the end of march 2012 and the upgrade will soon be completed for all devices on may 2012. ICS has made a huge improvement in the operating system performances and new UI. One of the most awaited UI that amazes me is closing a program by sliding it. The settings will also be enhanced by giving us the best and the most needed useful programs to be embedded in the settings menu. Just wait and see their progress in keeping up their promises.

The Amazing Google Maps

Have you ever lost your way home? Have you ever get a traffic jam by choosing the bad directions? Have not you know about the shortest route of your track? Do you know where your friends are now? Maybe google Maps can help you answering these questions.



I’d barely can’t live a day with google maps as Jakarta is the crowded city in Indonesia. I need to go home as fast as I can, and I just need the Jakarta’s traffic just to have the informations of what route best for me. Google maps have this. It may track the street crowd. Yellow : normal, green : you can run fast. Red : slow or maybe traffic jam. This colors are very informative for us. Try this by activating the traffic mode shown on the above picture.



Have you ever want to go somewhere fast? Yet, every other maps are giving  the same way algorithms. But google maps has included some more logics with the traffic mode and how many minutes to get there. Just put the place you want to go and get the directions right away.



Another part that this app have are the google latitude. Ever know the foursquare method of checking in the place? This is most likely the same method. But you can lively see your friends here in the maps. This helps us a lot in looking out where our relatives are. Try this and google rocks.

Android Apps – MovPlex Review

Do you like to watch movies in theatre? Do you have an Android or iPhone? Do you love traveling and watch some movies in XXI, Blitz or else? MovPlex may help you.



MovPlex is a mobile applications developed by ‘warcod – warung coding’. This local indonesian apps are highly recomended as our movies discovery. We can see what’s upcoming movies, see the trailers, details synopsis through IMDb links, and furthermore the theaters showing the movies with detail ticket prices.



I’d love to have this app just because it’s intuitive and easy to use. You can sort by the movies, sort by theatres or maybe sort by the upcoming movies. The very detail informations are given and that amazed me. While it also include the blitz megaplex movies inside also and it has made my life easier. Try and download the now for free: MovPlex for android download

Review Droid RAZR XT910


Motorola owes its survival in recent times to two phones –the Razr and the Droid. Perhaps Motorola was hoping to sprinkle magic dust on its latest high-end offering by naming the version launched on Verizon’s network in the US as the Droid Razr.

Released in 2004, at a time when Motorola’s market share was flagging against Nokia and cooler brands from the far East, the first Razr’s ultra slimnessappealed, and it went on to shift 130m units, becoming the world’s best selling flip-open phone.

The Droid came along in 2008, when Motorola was again in the doldrums, pushed out of the limelight this time by the iPhone. Chief executive Sanjay Jha bet the company’s future on Android, the mobile operating system owned by Google. His first Android model, the Droid, was launched with Verizon and had a slide-out keypad akin to a palmtop computer; it proved popular in the US and went ontosell more units in its first few months than the iPhone.

Otherwise known as the XT910, the latest Razr resembles its predecessors in more than name. It is one of the thinnest phones on the market, the main body just 7.1mm thick, although it widens at the top end. And, of course, it runs on Android. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II : Not comparable

About a month ago, my sister queuing for a Samsug Galaxy S II in their first Grand Launching in Pacific Place, Jakarta. The price was shockingly attractive by giving a BCA Credit Card holder’s to buy at Rp 4.2 mio with a 6 or 12 months 0%, while the other cash payment will be given a Rp 4.5 mio. With this attractive price, there are so many people queuing for this cell phone to buy. There were only 1.200 units to sell in one day. Now, The Samsung Galaxy S II has been sold in a regular price at Rp 5.5 mio.

I already know that this cell phone, The Samsung Galaxy S II, has a high performance in android today’s handsets. You can compare it to its class like HTC Sensation and LG Optimus 2x where they have the same hardware with a dual core processor and a powerful graphic cards implemented inside. The Samsung Galaxy S II has left all their competitors far away by performance test.


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Xperia Mini Pro Review : The Mini but Mighty Successor

A year ago, I wrote about Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro review. I’ve always wanted an adequate camera performance and X10 mini pro edition gave me that. More than enough, the 5MP camera is always beautiful to see  the image. Compared to other phone camera, the quality of x10 Mini pro is more than average. It is always fun to have a small but powerful, as their motto : Mini but Mighty.

A week ago, I bought another version of mini pro. Xperia line up has launched another version (upgraded version) of the X10 families. Xperia mini pro is an upgraded version of X10 Mini Pro. What’s so good about the newer version of mini pro??

The most important thing of android version in X10 Mini Pro has been an end to them. Sony has stated an upgrade for x10 families for Q4 this year but I can’t be sure about it anymore. Actually the éclair version of android implemented in X10 families is adequate enough for us. But user’s need more games and other experience in new GUI with dual touch (pinch to zoom) and any other improvement that you can get for a higher version of android. X10 Mini Pro has a limited hardware performance on CPU and RAM that will limit its performance in playing a hardcore game.

In this case, Sony Ericsson made another version I mean an upgrade version of Xperia line ups. They provide a better hardware simulation to provide an upgrade for later version. All Xperia line ups has “GingerBread” version of android (android v2.3.3). For my recent review, I will focused on my Xperia Mini Pro to get in depth on my new gadget. And somehow, I’ll show you some comparison to X10 Mini Pro about the hardware and software performance.

2011-08-30 14.55.482011-08-30 14.56.00

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[SHARE] Pengalaman iOS vs Android dari ibu rumah tangga

Berawal dari banyaknya buku yg harus saya baca karna tuntutan kerjaan, bulan
november akhir lalu saya beli ipad, waktu itu bingung mau beli tab, streak,
ato ipad. karna pertimbang layar yg besar, maka pilihan jatuh pada ipad wifi
16 dgn harga yg relatif murah 5 jutaan (udah punya hd2 tapi kurang nyaman
buat baca buku).

setelah nyampe rumah, ibu negara pengen dan minta dibelikan juga yg baru,
karna anggaran udah mepet jadi saya janjiin saja nti dibeli, selama ipadnya
belum saya beli, dia hanya sering pinjem ipad punya saya aja waktu senggang,
sesekali saya lihat dia sering cari2 buku kedokteran beserta program2
kedokteran coz she is a medical doctor, ato sesekali dia nyari2 lagu
kesayangan di youtube dan berusaha u/ di download.

sekali waktu pas jln2 ke MKG, iseng mampir ke SS pas ada promo nexian
journey, akhirnya ambil 1 rencana buat bujuk ibu negara biar lupa ama
ipadnya, setelah beli lngsung saya aktirkan kartu three bawaan si journey.
Ke ibu negara hanya saya bilang ini tlp tapi fungsinya bisa kayak ipad,
namanya android, yg punya android ini google yg sering kamu pake nyari2 itu,
trus kalo mau download2 program, masuk ke menu market, disitu bnyak yg
gratis, nah kalau mau nyari2 info, masuk aja ke kask**.us trus search aja
journey (saya sarankan ke kask** karna dia sering buka lounge disana)

setelah berjalan hampir 1 bulan, lama kelamaan kok dia udah hampir ngga
pernah pinjem ipad, dan tiap hari autis ama sijourney itu, dan seminggu yg
lalu saya coba iseng mo rencana beli ipad buat dia, ternyata jawabannya
cukup mengejutkan. dia menolak beli ipad dan beralasan kalau android jauh
lebih bagusA, waktu saya tanya emang bagusnya apa, kira2 dia jelaskan kayak
gini :

1. Ipad itu repot, apa2 kok musti colok ke laptop trus pake itunes, padahal
klo pergi kemana2, kan klo kemana2 itu laptop punya temenku kan ngga
semuanya ada itunes, jadi pas ada lagu bagus ngga bisa langsung dicopy. trus
kata temenku yg laptopnya ada itunes, itu juga ngga boleh maen lngsung colok
aj, katanya isi ipad kita bisa nyampur2, kok ribet yah. klo di journey
tinggal colok ke laptop trus buka pake explorer, tinggal copy paste

2. Trus download youtube di android itu lebih enak, lebih cepet (dia pake
jetvd), padahal kan sama2 pake kartu 3, ini ipad muter2 mulu ngga selesai2,
trus klo di android kan bisa milih formatnya apa. di ipad ini kok ngga ada
jetvd yah

3. Download aplikasi di ipad juga repot, pasti lelet dan lama, trus klo
putus ditengah jalan kok suka error ngga bisa diulang lgi yah, bilangnya
suruh ke itunes lagi, aduh repot banget, klo di android kan simple, gagal
tinggal diulang beres dech. trus di ipad klo download musti ngantri atu2,
klo android kan bisa borongan bareng2..

4. Klo di android aplikasi kedokterannya lebih bagus dan gratis2, yg peta
anatomi ini klo di android cakep, gambarnya bisa animasi, klo di ipad kok
malah ngga bisa animasi yah, padahal kan katanya apple jagonya grafik (saya
juga ngga tau, ibu negara lagi bahas aplikasi kedokteran apaan, tebakan saya
iu file flash)

5. Trus terakhir dia bilang gini “kenapa apple kok ngga pake android aja
yah, jadi bagus tu, layar gede, battery awet, tapi programnya android” (nah
lo ??)

saya sendiri lngsung berdoa, semoga dia ngga nanya “ada ngga yah, adroid
tapi layarnya gedhe kayak ipad ??, bisa2 nanti dia minta tab lagi huehue..

tapi smalem bener2 kejadian, pulang kerja tiba2 dia cerita klo siangnya abis
jalan2 ke MKG, dan disana dia liat galaxy tab yg katanya ipad yg pake
android, trus dia langsung nyaranin jual aja ipad trus tuker galaxy tab,

so ternyata android yg katanya ngga familiar buat orang kebanyakan kok
ternyata malah lebih menarik daripada ipad yah, at least bagi ibu2 dgn
profesi dokter yg gaptek

trus kira2 klo ipad wifi 16 gb mulus + nexian journey mulus bisa ngga yah
ditukar ma tab, second gpp asal mulus..

by Herman HM
@Nand Ultimate Droid, HD2 freaking fast !!

Turn your X10 Families to Wireless Router

It’s amazing to have your android rooted device to be a wireless router for your other gadgets like ipod touch, notebooks, or maybe other mobile phones. It’s very easy, you just root your x10 devices before installing the application. This wireless router method used your phone data connection like 3G, HSDPA, GPRS and share it with wifi as adhoc.

Let’s follow the instruction :

1. You first should root your android phone. Follow my articles –> Rooting your X10 Families

2. There is so much application to make your android device to be a wireless router.

    a. Barnacle Wifi Tether

Turn your phone into a Wireless Ad-hoc HotSpot
Share your 3G with Windows, Mac/iPod/iPad, Linux, Xbox
Requires __ROOT__ access
Barnacle is unlimited, free and open source. If you like it, please donate by getting Barnacle Widget!



    b. Wireless Tether for root user


*** If you get force closes after the update uninstall and install it again! ***
This program enables wifi AND bluetooth-tethering (PAN) for "rooted" handsets.
Clients (your laptop for example) can connect via wifi or bluetooth and get access to the internet using the mobile connection (4G, 3G, 2G) or (in case you are using bluetooth) the wifi connection which is established by the handset.
Wifi-tethering creates a so called adhoc (peer-to-peer) network on most devices. Infrastructure-mode is suppported for some devices – including the HTC Evo for instance.
-) Access-control feature. Allow/deny clients to use your mobile-data connection.
-) Wifi-Encrytion. 128-bit WEP in general. WPA2 on supported devices.
-) Reduce wifi-transmit power (on supported devices)
-) Settings for wifi-ssid, wifi-channel, „lan“-network and more.
This application requires a "rooted"-device and a custom-kernel which supports netfilter (iptables)!
1) Root
2) Netfilter-enabled kernel
For more information visit our developer-site on google-code:
Use this application at your own risk. It is possible that use of this program may violate your carrier’s Terms of Service.
Recent changes:
-) Adds infrastructure-support for the HTC Evo and other HTC-devices (Broadcom bcm4329-chipset).
-) Should work on almost every rooted device (the built-in wifi-interface needs to support the so called „wireless extension“) if a „netfilter-enabeld“ kernel is present.
-) Reduce wifi-transmit power (on wifi-interfaces supporting the „wireless extension“).

I myself use Barnacle wifi tether for my own X10 Mini Pro. Just remember to have a data connection and I mean a good data connection and unlimited data connection before using this program. Enjoy your new wifi router. Cheers CMIIW

Rooting your X10 Families Éclair

What is Rooting??

Rooting is a process that allows users of cellphones, and other devices, running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access") within Android’s Linux subsystem, similar to jailbreaking on Apple devices running the iOS operating system, overcoming limitations that the carriers and manufacturers put on such phones. It also allows for newer versions of Android not supplied by the original device manufacturer. In contrast to iOS jailbreaking, rooting is not needed to run applications not distributed by the official Android Market with the exception of AT&T phones which are locked from installing third party applications[1]. It is needed however, when trying to access paid Android applications from countries which are not part of the paid applications market.[citation needed] Rooting is also necessary for certain applications and widgets that require additional system and hardware rights such as for rebooting the phone, certain backup utilities and hacks for hardware LEDs.

Rooting with Z4Root is as easy as one touch, you can root and unroot in an easier way. It is 100% safe – nothing on disk is changed besides the root binaries. If something goes wrong, simply rebooting the device should fix up any and all issues.


Requirement :

1. Download the Z4Root v.1.2.0 from the market or the link I’ve provided.

2. Enable the USB Debugging, You can find it at Settings – Application – Development

3. After installing, run the Z4Root. It will install the latest SuperUser and compatible Busybox. If you wish to Unroot your phone, it will simply removes all it’s traces.

Your device now has been rooted, you can install some applications that need ‘root’ phone like TitaniumBackup, Clear cache, etc. Enjoy, CMIIW Open-mouthed smile

SE Xperia X10 Families support multitouch. Hope it will be released soon.

According to Sony Ericsson its crown jewel XPERIA X10 doesn’t sport the hardware needed for performing multi-touch gestures on the XPERIA X10. That’s why there’s no sign of pinch zooming in the Android 2.1 Eclair update despite that the smartphone has a nice capacitive screen.

main Turns out Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 is capable of multi touch after all, I wonder why SE doesnt use it

Fortunately, some developers over at XDA didn’t buy that story and went on a quest for enabling multi-touch support on the Sony Ericsson flagship. And frankly, they’ve succeeded.

There is nothing more to say, just watch the demos.

I can’t imagine playing Angry Birds without the zoom-out pinch gesture.

The unofficial software fix is still in the works, but I hope it will be released as a user-friendly package soon enough.


References :

NDrive Installation on your Xperia X10 Mini Pro

It takes time for me to find what best for my Xperia X10 Mini Pro to find the best offline GPS map. I lived in Indonesia, so before the upgrade of my X10 – used to be android donut version of 1.6 – I used the Sygic offline GPS map. After the latest upgrade – to Android éclair version of 2.1 – they erased all my program. From then on, I am eager to try the new one, NDrive. NDrive is a good application to be installed on your android. X10 Mini Pro has the limited screen, 2.55 inch, so I should carefully find a good program to be installed in. NDrive and Sygic fit best on this phone. I will show you how to install NDrive(Cracked with Indonesian maps) in this post.


Installation manual :

1. Install NDrive from your android market – about 3Mb of files

2. Download NDrive Indonesian Maps and place it on your SD Card ( SDCard – NDrive – Maps) : Indonesian Maps 2010

    • Unzip the files and move the unzipped files to your SD Card path : NDrive – Maps

3. Uninstall your NDrive

4. Install again NDrive from this link : NDrive 10

5. Download the Indonesian voice navigation : IndonesianVoice (Password : Guntur)

    • Unzip the files and move the unzipped files to your SD Card path : NDrive – Voice

When you finished installing with this instruction, you can open the NDrive application on your phone, and NDrive needs to download their application about 34Mb of files more. It’s okay to download, and after the download finished, you can enjoy your NDrive application. Make sure that when you open your Android Market, if there is an instruction to update your NDrive, DO NOT INSTALL / UPDATE. If you Update, your NDrive application will not be usable anymore.


Upgrading X10 Families to Éclair.

I just upgraded my own X10 Mini Pro to Éclair version of 2.1. This is a huge upgrade since the X10 family has the limitation of Donut version of 1.6 for their handheld. Finally, The update comes to my country, Indonesia. It takes only half an hour to upgrade it myself. But, I believe it depends on your computer configuration and Internet connection. I will try to explain of what I am doing today step-by-step.

1. Start with this link, Follow and Download the files needed. The files about 35.3 Mb named Update Service.

2. Install the downloaded files to your computer.

3. After the installation complete, then run the files. Make sure you have your computer connected to Internet.

    • Welcome to The Update Service. Steps to be used in this configuration :
      • Prepare the X10 original USB cables
      • The battery of your X10 should be more than 50%.
      • Back Up your files –> VERY IMPORTANT. The upgrade will erase all your data stored in internal memory. (external memory will not be wiped)
      • Don’t connect your phone in this steps.
      • Check the “I hereby…..”
      • then Click START button


    • Choose your Phone, in my case I will choose X10 Mini Pro


    • Then This is the hardest Part. Please follow the steps carefully :
      • Turn Off your X10 device for a minimum 15 seconds
      • Connect your USB Cables to your PC
      • While connecting the USB Cables to your handheld, Press BACK button at your X10 device. Keep pressing the BACK button although the cable has been connected. You will see a blue LED in your X10.
      • Your PC will find a new hardware, Usually your PC will need a restart
      • After restarting, follow the step from the beginning until you find the Press BACK button step, You should not release the button until you find “RELEASE THE BACK KEY” in your computer. After the button released then the installation process will then start.


    • The last step of the installation is downloading the files needed. It’s about 126MB of files and make sure you have a good internet connection here. Leave your X10 device connected to the computer as the download begin. After the download step has finished, then the installation process will be started. It takes about 5-10 minutes of installation.
    • After Installation, you can remove your X10 from Computer. Just Turn it on, then Enjoy your Éclair.