You’ll Never Send Things To Friends The Same Way Again | PushBullet Blog

You’ll Never Send Things To Friends The Same Way Again | PushBullet Blog.

By  on November 05, 2013

You can now add and push to friends with Pushbullet, making Pushbullet the fastest and easiest way to share links, files, and more, directly with your friends.

Why is Pushbullet better than other ways of sharing? Because we’ve made it possible to send almost anything directly to a friend, without anything getting in the way. Here are a couple examples of why this is better than email:

  • By pushing a link directly to a friend instead of emailing it to them, they’ll instantly get a notification about the link and going to that link is as easy as tapping on the notification (as opposed to having to go and find it in their inbox). Cool.

  • Sending a picture or file to someone shouldn’t mean attaching it to a blank email. With Pushbullet, you simply send the picture or file right to them. They can then start downloading instantly by tapping the notification. So much easier.

This is awesome, how do I get started?

Once you’ve installed or updated the Pushbullet Android app, you’ll see this message on the top of the screen. Tapping on the message will take you to a list of your contacts, where you can select those you want to be able to push to. Tapping on the X icon will dismiss the message forever.

After selecting your friends and pressing the send icon, those you’ve highlighted will be added as your friends on Pushbullet. You’ll then be able to start pushing to them right away. Those that don’t already have a Pushbullet account will get an invitation to join.

You can also add friends by entering their email address in the Android app or here on

Once you’ve added someone as a friend, pushing to them is easy.

All of your friends on Pushbullet are shown as options that can be pushed to using the updated Android appChrome extension, and Firefox extension (or via This makes sending something to a friend incredibly simple—just select the person you want to send it to and away it goes.

What happens when I push something to a friend?

They’ll instantly receive a notification on all of their Pushbullet devices. This notification will be smart—links will open in their browser, addresses in Google Map, etc, just like the notifications for pushes to your own devices. Then, once they’ve dismissed the notification on any one of their devices, we automatically dismiss it on all of the rest. This means they’ll never be annoyed seeing the same notification multiple times.

What if I push something to someone who hasn’t signed up yet?

If the person you’ve pushed to doesn’t have a Pushbullet account, we resort to sending it to them as an email. They’ll be able to see whatever you’ve pushed them right from this emailwithout having to sign up first. This is important because it means you don’t have to worry about whether or not they have Pushbullet before you send them something–they’ll get it no matter what.

What if my friend has an iPhone?

We don’t have an iOS app right now but we are working on it. In the mean time, those using iOS can still install our Chrome extension to be able to send and receive pushes on their computer.

If you’re waiting for our iOS app and want to get updates as development progresses (and potentially help us test it before release), you can subscribe to updates here.

What comes next?

These new features are huge step forward in the evolution of Pushbullet. To see people start using us to share things with friends is incredibly exciting and we’re really looking forward to hearing what’s great about it and what we can make better. Our plan for the next couple weeks is to react as quickly as we can to feedback in order to improve this new component of Pushbullet.

[SHARE] Googling Tips

Who does not know Google, a Web site after Yahoo’s second most popular. but maybe there are still many who do not know how to effectively search through Google. Here are 15 basic method searches for the search engine Google:
1. Google Calculator
Can make any kind of ngitung numbers, for example, want to compute 5 * 54/12 + 56th. type that number and sign the calculations, then press enter or click search and google will give the result. Some signs supported arithmetic: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), sharing (/), rank (^) and Square root (sqrt).

2. Dictionary Definitions
Able to define a word by typing "define:" (without the quotes), for example, define: worms

3. Looking for a particular title
search for specific words within a website, the format is "intitle: title you are looking for." eg intitle: glass.

4. Conversion
make the conversion the length, size, and even temperature, such as looking 50 meters how many yards to write "50m in yards", or how many degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Celsius, enough to write "100C to F"

5. Currency Exchange
want to know how much the U.S. dollar today? write "1 USD in IDR".
Format currency in international units, for example to be written IDR Indonesian rupiah, the dollar HKD hongkong written, and others.

6. Weather today
want to know the weather cities such as Jakarta wrote wrote weather

7. search for a file type
if want to look for a file with specific contents and specific file types such also write this "tutorial game 3d filetype: doc" would later appear the result of articles with existing titles such words in. doc format

8. Search within a website
If you want to find something in a website writes "the search site:", for example, want to look for games within the website jasakom then write "game site:"

9. Local time of a city
want to know the current time on bali? aja wrote "time bali"

10. Remove unwanted search results distinguished
if you want to find about the solar system but do not want the search results were the words the planet then just write it like this "-solar planets"

11. search a whole sentence
if you want to find a complete sentence in the website use the _. – As a substitute for a space. eg "who is it" the result will be different from the "who the hell"

12. Flight Status
want to know the status of an aircraft flight write like this "" British Airways Flight 5 ", for writing it must know the type of airline and flight number.

13. Searching google groups based on subject
Write? In subject: then topic here?

14. Search the site relations
write "related: to seek an alternative site of a searchable website.

‘15. look for links to specific URLs
Type? link: This way is useful to look for other alamat2 linking to the website in question. for example, link: and the results will come out of alamat2 other websites which have a link to google this.

16. hex binary decimal
create a special converter from decimal.
type 1500 in hex or 1500 in binary

Turn your X10 Families to Wireless Router

It’s amazing to have your android rooted device to be a wireless router for your other gadgets like ipod touch, notebooks, or maybe other mobile phones. It’s very easy, you just root your x10 devices before installing the application. This wireless router method used your phone data connection like 3G, HSDPA, GPRS and share it with wifi as adhoc.

Let’s follow the instruction :

1. You first should root your android phone. Follow my articles –> Rooting your X10 Families

2. There is so much application to make your android device to be a wireless router.

    a. Barnacle Wifi Tether

Turn your phone into a Wireless Ad-hoc HotSpot
Share your 3G with Windows, Mac/iPod/iPad, Linux, Xbox
Requires __ROOT__ access
Barnacle is unlimited, free and open source. If you like it, please donate by getting Barnacle Widget!



    b. Wireless Tether for root user


*** If you get force closes after the update uninstall and install it again! ***
This program enables wifi AND bluetooth-tethering (PAN) for "rooted" handsets.
Clients (your laptop for example) can connect via wifi or bluetooth and get access to the internet using the mobile connection (4G, 3G, 2G) or (in case you are using bluetooth) the wifi connection which is established by the handset.
Wifi-tethering creates a so called adhoc (peer-to-peer) network on most devices. Infrastructure-mode is suppported for some devices – including the HTC Evo for instance.
-) Access-control feature. Allow/deny clients to use your mobile-data connection.
-) Wifi-Encrytion. 128-bit WEP in general. WPA2 on supported devices.
-) Reduce wifi-transmit power (on supported devices)
-) Settings for wifi-ssid, wifi-channel, „lan“-network and more.
This application requires a "rooted"-device and a custom-kernel which supports netfilter (iptables)!
1) Root
2) Netfilter-enabled kernel
For more information visit our developer-site on google-code:
Use this application at your own risk. It is possible that use of this program may violate your carrier’s Terms of Service.
Recent changes:
-) Adds infrastructure-support for the HTC Evo and other HTC-devices (Broadcom bcm4329-chipset).
-) Should work on almost every rooted device (the built-in wifi-interface needs to support the so called „wireless extension“) if a „netfilter-enabeld“ kernel is present.
-) Reduce wifi-transmit power (on wifi-interfaces supporting the „wireless extension“).

I myself use Barnacle wifi tether for my own X10 Mini Pro. Just remember to have a data connection and I mean a good data connection and unlimited data connection before using this program. Enjoy your new wifi router. Cheers CMIIW

Rooting your X10 Families Éclair

What is Rooting??

Rooting is a process that allows users of cellphones, and other devices, running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access") within Android’s Linux subsystem, similar to jailbreaking on Apple devices running the iOS operating system, overcoming limitations that the carriers and manufacturers put on such phones. It also allows for newer versions of Android not supplied by the original device manufacturer. In contrast to iOS jailbreaking, rooting is not needed to run applications not distributed by the official Android Market with the exception of AT&T phones which are locked from installing third party applications[1]. It is needed however, when trying to access paid Android applications from countries which are not part of the paid applications market.[citation needed] Rooting is also necessary for certain applications and widgets that require additional system and hardware rights such as for rebooting the phone, certain backup utilities and hacks for hardware LEDs.

Rooting with Z4Root is as easy as one touch, you can root and unroot in an easier way. It is 100% safe – nothing on disk is changed besides the root binaries. If something goes wrong, simply rebooting the device should fix up any and all issues.


Requirement :

1. Download the Z4Root v.1.2.0 from the market or the link I’ve provided.

2. Enable the USB Debugging, You can find it at Settings – Application – Development

3. After installing, run the Z4Root. It will install the latest SuperUser and compatible Busybox. If you wish to Unroot your phone, it will simply removes all it’s traces.

Your device now has been rooted, you can install some applications that need ‘root’ phone like TitaniumBackup, Clear cache, etc. Enjoy, CMIIW Open-mouthed smile