Studying in a good University, will you?


Last week, I went to the 21st Education & Training Expo in JHCC, Jakarta. This expo provides some information about studying in the higher level of educations like university. Some Universities shown their own best services to us.

My sister is still in the High School and will soon go to the higher level of education. My parents shown me that university student will have a broader information on how will we think about a case. This will also improve our analytical skills to answer some questions.

The needs of a better education are also required for the employer who wants to find a good partner in running their business. There are a mutual-partnership between education services to the employer themselves. Employer will generalize the forthcoming employee from their university.

By this reason, the educational services will promote about how will they find lecture, how will they make their student be a worker or maybe a leader, and how will they make their students find a better job. This relationship made studying in a University a pricey place to get.

Some student doesn’t know anything about what they need for themselves. I believe that a better place for studying will provide a better relationship between their students. Having the best lecture and provided by a complete place to find a book in their own library will boost the student knowledge. Last but not least, the better relationship is yet needed. Some Universities have taken a good relations within their alumni, so then they will soon be a partner in giving a job for their graduate student and will boost the university morale by knowing that this University graduate will soon get a job, not a jobless.