The Amazing Google Maps

Have you ever lost your way home? Have you ever get a traffic jam by choosing the bad directions? Have not you know about the shortest route of your track? Do you know where your friends are now? Maybe google Maps can help you answering these questions.



I’d barely can’t live a day with google maps as Jakarta is the crowded city in Indonesia. I need to go home as fast as I can, and I just need the Jakarta’s traffic just to have the informations of what route best for me. Google maps have this. It may track the street crowd. Yellow : normal, green : you can run fast. Red : slow or maybe traffic jam. This colors are very informative for us. Try this by activating the traffic mode shown on the above picture.



Have you ever want to go somewhere fast? Yet, every other maps are giving  the same way algorithms. But google maps has included some more logics with the traffic mode and how many minutes to get there. Just put the place you want to go and get the directions right away.



Another part that this app have are the google latitude. Ever know the foursquare method of checking in the place? This is most likely the same method. But you can lively see your friends here in the maps. This helps us a lot in looking out where our relatives are. Try this and google rocks.

NDrive Installation on your Xperia X10 Mini Pro

It takes time for me to find what best for my Xperia X10 Mini Pro to find the best offline GPS map. I lived in Indonesia, so before the upgrade of my X10 – used to be android donut version of 1.6 – I used the Sygic offline GPS map. After the latest upgrade – to Android éclair version of 2.1 – they erased all my program. From then on, I am eager to try the new one, NDrive. NDrive is a good application to be installed on your android. X10 Mini Pro has the limited screen, 2.55 inch, so I should carefully find a good program to be installed in. NDrive and Sygic fit best on this phone. I will show you how to install NDrive(Cracked with Indonesian maps) in this post.


Installation manual :

1. Install NDrive from your android market – about 3Mb of files

2. Download NDrive Indonesian Maps and place it on your SD Card ( SDCard – NDrive – Maps) : Indonesian Maps 2010

    • Unzip the files and move the unzipped files to your SD Card path : NDrive – Maps

3. Uninstall your NDrive

4. Install again NDrive from this link : NDrive 10

5. Download the Indonesian voice navigation : IndonesianVoice (Password : Guntur)

    • Unzip the files and move the unzipped files to your SD Card path : NDrive – Voice

When you finished installing with this instruction, you can open the NDrive application on your phone, and NDrive needs to download their application about 34Mb of files more. It’s okay to download, and after the download finished, you can enjoy your NDrive application. Make sure that when you open your Android Market, if there is an instruction to update your NDrive, DO NOT INSTALL / UPDATE. If you Update, your NDrive application will not be usable anymore.


Review Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Uda berapa lama niat banget beli samsung omnia 2, tapi malah liat2 hape android koq malah napsu yaa sama android, apalagi milestone yang ada dedicated keyboardnya. Tapi masalahnya kalo beli hape dengan harga diatas >5 jt itu uda gak efektif dan efisien. masalahnya harganya bakalan turun menukik sih.

Setelah melihat review2 android, memang napsu juga sih beli samsung galaxy spica, tapi setelah itu malah keluar x10 mini trus dilanjut sama x10 mini pro. waaah rupanya malahan keluar nih x10 mini pro yang di launching di selular show yang ada di JHCC beberapa minggu lalu.

Harga launching sih 3.5 jt, harga pameran 3jt, trus harga "happy hour" yang hanya 1 jam saja 2.7jt. Ane dapetnya yang "happy hour", walaupun ngantri berjam2, stock yang tersedia cuma 200 unit dalam waktu >1 jam langsung ludes euy..untung dapet 1. Dengan harga 2,7 jt, saya dapet xperia x10 mini pro + BT handsfree(seharga 300rb) + tas..worth it banget dhe

Setelah melakukan pemakaian, sangat puas dengan device ini..memang sebelum membeli sesuatu saya sudah mereview banyak aspek yang harus saya miliki dalam sebuah handphone, maklum hape jadul saya dulu Hewlett Packard rw6828 yang saya beli taun 2006 masi awet aja ampe sekarang, tapi mo ganti ke windows mobile lagi uda bosan sih oprak opreknya.

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