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What is J/Secure?

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J/Secure is a service that provides ID authentication for JCB cardmembers by simply entering a special J/Secure password registered with your JCB card issuer at participating J/Secure partner retail outlets online. By performing this authentication directly with the JCB card issuer, this eliminates the possibility of unauthorized usage of your card by any third party.
J/Secure is safe and secure!

All you need is the JCB card you already have. There is no need to download or install any special software.

  • *Some cards may not be compatible with the J/Secure service.

Using J/Secure

In order to use J/Secure, you have to register as a user. 
For details on the user registration process, see the instructions for your particular credit card issuer.

  • *This process may vary between different credit card issuing companies.

Registration Example

  1. Access the J/Secure registration page for your credit card issuer.
  2. Enter all required information, such as your JCB card number and expiration date.
  3. Specify your “Personal Message” to be displayed when purchasing products online.
  4. Specify the password you want to use for ID authentication when purchasing items online.
  5. Wait for a notice from your JCB card issuer informing you that the registration process has been completed.

Shopping With J/Secure

When shopping online at any J/Secure participating merchant, you can simply enter your personal password to easily and securely purchase any item from that store.

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When the penniless printer from Philadelphia became one of the leading men in America, his admirers understood the enormous benefit his example could provide. “[Y]ou yourself framed a plan by which you became considerable,” observed one, who implored Franklin to share it in hopes of “aiding all happiness, both public and domestic.”
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