Casio GR8900a-1 G-Shock Review

This G-Shock GR8900a-1 watch is a robust and heavy looking watch, but in actual fact it is quite light in weight. But it is still extremely sturdy and if you want this as a sports

GR8900a-1 watch them it is certainly up to the task. It looks great both on and off the wrist, and it is surprisingly comfortable too.

G-Shock watches are known for their functionality, and the GR8900a-1 is certainly no exception to that. It has some great features and they are all easy to use and access. This model has a new design, and gives you a multi dimensional look which adds to the character of the watch.

Of course, as with all G-Shock watches, the GR8900a-1 is shock resistant. So if you do want it for wearing while you go about your sports or activities then you can wear this in confidence that it will stand up to anything you put it through.

The GR8900a-1 also has a very bright LED light, that can actually be used for reading a book with. Also handy if you are camping out at night, or on a night walk and you need to read a map as it will provide ample light for you to be able to read from.

A closer look at the GR8900a-1 G-Shock

Solar powered

You may wonder how this watch keeps the bright LED light and the power hungry functionalities of the GR8900a-1 all juiced up. Well, it runs off solar power, and is extremely effective in harnessing the power of the sun and turning it into long lasting power to run the watch.

Even when being used to its full extent, with the light and functions all being used at time, you will still get a lot of life out of this. And it will continue to stay charged as long as you are outside in the light. This is a great way to keep this watch running to its optimal levels at all times.

The GR8900a-1 also uses a power save method. When the watch is left in the dark it will go blank so that no unnecessary power is wasted. If the power does get low on the watch, then there is a power indicator that will let you know that it needs charging so you can get it into the light.

World time

If you travel a lot, you will not have to worry about what the time is in other countries. The GR8900a-1 has 31 built in time zones, covering 48 worldwide cities. You can also turn your daylight saving on or off, depending on where you are. So when you land in a different country you just need to change it to the right time zone and it will automatically set the watch to the right time for you.



The stopwatch on the GR8900a-1 uses 1/100 seconds so you get the most accurate times for your training or events you are at. You also have different measuring modes which include split times, elapsed times and then 1st and 2nd place times. These different modes will allow you to use the stopwatch more effectively in different situations.

Additional information

If you like to have an alarm on your watch, you will be pleased to hear that the GR8900a-1 has 5 different daily alarms that can be used. Set these up with different tones so you can associate a certain tone with a particular event or meeting you have.

There is a countdown timer on the watch too. You can set this to countdown from up to 24 hours. It will count down in 1 second intervals. The GR8900a-1 also has an hourly signal if you like to use one of these. If not, you can simply turn this off.

Final thoughts on the G-Shock GR8900a-1

This watch looks great, with the multi level face and the robust build of the watch. As usual with G-Shock watches, you get a lot of functionality, and this model has a really powerful LED light that can be used for reading. Overall the G-Shock GR8900a-1 is a great quality watch and also really good value for money at the price it is being sold for.


  • Hourly Time Signal
  • Auto-Calendar
  • Module 3285
  • Approx. Battery Life Approx. 3 Years
  • Battery CR2016
  • Tones Button operation tone on/off
  • Backlight Auto LED Backlight (Super Illuminator) with Afterglow
  • Water Resistant Up to 200M Water Resistant
  • Accuracy +/- 15 seconds per month
  • Alarm 5 Independent Daily Alarms (One-time or Daily)
  • World Time
  • Flash Alert
  • Stopwatch 1/100 Second Stopwatch
  • Shock Resistant

Streamzoo : Is it just another Photo-sharing app??

As per my previous application review for photo-sharing service, the famous Instagram. I found another interesting applications in google play with the same point of view and focus, streamzoo.



Streamzoo provides more advanced photo-editing tools before you upload your arts. Unlike the instagram for android, it has 15 filters, borders, tilt-shift, more advanced lighting tools, and the best thing is you can choose how your photo sized to be uploaded. This what matter the most, unlike Instagram that force you to have a square picture to be uploaded.

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The Amazing Google Maps

Have you ever lost your way home? Have you ever get a traffic jam by choosing the bad directions? Have not you know about the shortest route of your track? Do you know where your friends are now? Maybe google Maps can help you answering these questions.



I’d barely can’t live a day with google maps as Jakarta is the crowded city in Indonesia. I need to go home as fast as I can, and I just need the Jakarta’s traffic just to have the informations of what route best for me. Google maps have this. It may track the street crowd. Yellow : normal, green : you can run fast. Red : slow or maybe traffic jam. This colors are very informative for us. Try this by activating the traffic mode shown on the above picture.



Have you ever want to go somewhere fast? Yet, every other maps are giving  the same way algorithms. But google maps has included some more logics with the traffic mode and how many minutes to get there. Just put the place you want to go and get the directions right away.



Another part that this app have are the google latitude. Ever know the foursquare method of checking in the place? This is most likely the same method. But you can lively see your friends here in the maps. This helps us a lot in looking out where our relatives are. Try this and google rocks.

Android Apps – MovPlex Review

Do you like to watch movies in theatre? Do you have an Android or iPhone? Do you love traveling and watch some movies in XXI, Blitz or else? MovPlex may help you.



MovPlex is a mobile applications developed by ‘warcod – warung coding’. This local indonesian apps are highly recomended as our movies discovery. We can see what’s upcoming movies, see the trailers, details synopsis through IMDb links, and furthermore the theaters showing the movies with detail ticket prices.



I’d love to have this app just because it’s intuitive and easy to use. You can sort by the movies, sort by theatres or maybe sort by the upcoming movies. The very detail informations are given and that amazed me. While it also include the blitz megaplex movies inside also and it has made my life easier. Try and download the now for free: MovPlex for android download

Review Droid RAZR XT910


Motorola owes its survival in recent times to two phones –the Razr and the Droid. Perhaps Motorola was hoping to sprinkle magic dust on its latest high-end offering by naming the version launched on Verizon’s network in the US as the Droid Razr.

Released in 2004, at a time when Motorola’s market share was flagging against Nokia and cooler brands from the far East, the first Razr’s ultra slimnessappealed, and it went on to shift 130m units, becoming the world’s best selling flip-open phone.

The Droid came along in 2008, when Motorola was again in the doldrums, pushed out of the limelight this time by the iPhone. Chief executive Sanjay Jha bet the company’s future on Android, the mobile operating system owned by Google. His first Android model, the Droid, was launched with Verizon and had a slide-out keypad akin to a palmtop computer; it proved popular in the US and went ontosell more units in its first few months than the iPhone.

Otherwise known as the XT910, the latest Razr resembles its predecessors in more than name. It is one of the thinnest phones on the market, the main body just 7.1mm thick, although it widens at the top end. And, of course, it runs on Android. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II : Not comparable

About a month ago, my sister queuing for a Samsug Galaxy S II in their first Grand Launching in Pacific Place, Jakarta. The price was shockingly attractive by giving a BCA Credit Card holder’s to buy at Rp 4.2 mio with a 6 or 12 months 0%, while the other cash payment will be given a Rp 4.5 mio. With this attractive price, there are so many people queuing for this cell phone to buy. There were only 1.200 units to sell in one day. Now, The Samsung Galaxy S II has been sold in a regular price at Rp 5.5 mio.

I already know that this cell phone, The Samsung Galaxy S II, has a high performance in android today’s handsets. You can compare it to its class like HTC Sensation and LG Optimus 2x where they have the same hardware with a dual core processor and a powerful graphic cards implemented inside. The Samsung Galaxy S II has left all their competitors far away by performance test.


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Hands-On Sony Vaio YB15AG Review (Personal Reviewed)

It took me a week to find some review about Sony Vaio YB series before I bought it 2 weeks from this ultraportable notebook arrived in my country, Indonesia. I always dream for having a Sony Vaio series, they have some amazing style and default brand image, Elegant and Pricey. Elegant in design, material and everything. Sony always took care of their product carefully, they always have a modern style of all their notebook.

Before I want to buy this notebook, I used to have a HP Mini 210-1014 series which I bought about a year ago. This HP Mini series helps me a lot for my work, study, and everything but gaming. It is very handy, small, light (only 1,5 kg with battery). But about a month ago, I faced a problem about my current study in Computer Programming, They required a screen resolution about 1024×768, while my HP Mini and other netbook only have a resolution of 1024×600. It makes my program doesn’t work properly and it annoyed me somehow. Then I started to find a new worth notebook. My concern is the weight itself, and the options goes to ASUS UL30VT or SONY VAIO YB15AG.


ASUS UL30VT has all the notebook performance and battery life, it also has the ultraportable one for a gaming notebook, which only weigh about 1,7kg with battery. The specification of this notebook can be found here. The things attracts me a lot are the weigh itself, the battery life it self (about 7-12 hours of use), the dual graphic cards (GeForce G210 and Intel X4500 MHD, switchable), and it has a 13.1 inch screen with resolution of 1366×768. Very nice one right?

But a week after having the reviewed of ASUS UL30VT products that makes me want it a lot, Then I am amazed of one Sony Vaio Product Y Series. They use an AMD chipset and the newest AMD Platform of processor code name Zacate ( AMD Dual core processor E-350 1.6 GHz) and with internal AMD RADEON Graphics series HD 6310 with new technology using FUSION and good GPU score. The weigh amazed me once again with only 1.46kg (battery included) which has a 11.6 inch screen with resolution of 1366×768. WOW, with that specification, Sony gives us a good price. You can find the specification detail of Sony Vaio YB15AG here.



Sony VAIO YB15AG Silver
Processor : AMD Dual core Processor E350(1,6 GHZ)
OS : Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32 bit (English Version)
VGA Card : AMD Radeon HD6310
Display 11,6″; WXGA
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Weight 1,46kg
Camera Motion Eye 0.3MP
Kensington Lock
HDMI port
Assist Button

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Scarface Quotelicious

Directed by Brian De Palma, along with the scintillating screenplay by Oliver Stone, as well as outstanding performances given by a brilliant cast, the 1983 movie, Scarface, is one of my all time favorite gangster movies, next only to The Godfather.
The story is set in the year 1980 when Fidel Castro allows Cubans to go to the United States to join their families there. While most of the 125,000 who left Cuban shores at that time for the freedom that America represented to them were hard working and honest people, about 25,000 of them had criminal records, who Castro hade just wanted to get rid of. These people too viewed America as a place that had untold opportunities for them, and amongst these was Tony Montana, played superbly by Al Pacino, better known to his companions as ‘Caracortada’, or ‘Scarface’.
The movie also has a superb performance by Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock, along with other excellent supporting cast such as Miriam Colon as Mama Montana, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina, Paul Shenar as Sosa, F. Murray Abraham as Omar, Harris Yulin as Bernstein, Al Israel as Hector The Toad, Steven Bauer as Manny, Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez, and so on. Edgy and in-your-face, here are some of the memorable Scarface quotes that bring to mind the unforgettable scenes from this movie.
Fidel Castro: ¡No los queremos! ¡No los necesitamos! (We don’t want them! We don’t need them!)
Tony Montana: I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.
Tony Montana: I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice.
Bernstein: Every day above ground is a good day.
Frank Lopez: Lesson number one: Don’t underestimate the other guy’s greed!
Elvira Hancock: Lesson number two: Don’t get high on your own supply.
Tony Montana: In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.
Tony Montana: Who put this thing together? Me, that’s who! Who do I trust? Me!
Elvira: Don’t toot your horn honey, you’re not that good.
Omar: Watch my back.
Tony Montana: Better than your front, lemme tell you. Much easier to watch.
Immigration Officer: Okay, so what do you call yourself? ¿Cómo se llama?
Tony Montana: Antonio Montana. And you, what you call yourself?
Immigration Officer: Where’d you learn to speak the English, Tony?
Tony Montana: Uh, in a school. And my father, he was, uh, from the United States. Just like you, ya know? He was a Yankee. Uh, he used to take me a lot to the movies. I learn. I watch the guys like Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney. They, they teach me to talk. I like those guys. I always know one day I’m comin’ here, United States.
Alejandro Sosa: Alberto is an expert in the disposal business.
Tony Montana: You wanna waste my time? Okay. I call my lawyer. He’s the best lawyer in Miami. He’s such a good lawyer, that by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska. So dress warm.
(after Tony gives her a large wad of money)
Mama Montana: Who did you kill for this?
Mama Montana: (to Tony, her son) You know, all we read about in the papers today are animals like you and the killings. It’s Cubans like you who are giving a bad name to our people. People who come here to work hard and make an honest living for themselves.
Tony Montana: Now you’re talking to me, Baby.
Elvira: Don’t call me "Baby". I’m not your "Baby".
Frank Lopez: Tony, don’t kill me, please!
Tony Montana: I ain’t gonna kill you.
Frank Lopez: Oh Christ, thank you! Thank you!
(Tony turns to Manny)
Tony Montana: Manolo, shoot that piece of shit!
Tony Montana: (watching flamingos on TV) Come on, pelicans! Fly, fly away!
Elvira: So do you want to dance, Frank, or do you want to sit there and have a heart attack?
Frank Lopez: Me, dance? Hey, I think I wanna have a heart attack.
Elvira Hancock: Nothing exceeds like excess. You should know that, Tony.
Tony Montana: Every dog has his day, huh, Mel?
Mama Montana: (to Tony) Why do you have to hurt everything you touch? Why do you have to destroy everything that comes your way? ¡Malagradecido! ¡Mal hijo! (Ungrateful! Bad son!)
Elvira Hancock: How dare you talk to me like that! What makes you so much better than me? What do you do? Kill people? Deal your drugs? Real contribution to human history Tony! What makes you think you can be a father? You don’t even know how to be a good husband!
Tony Montana: You know what your problem is… pussycat?
Elvira: What’s my problem Tony?
Tony Montana: You got nothing to do in your life meng!
Elvira Hancock: Can’t you see what we’re becoming, Tony? We’re losers. We’re not winners, we’re losers.
Tony Montana: Go home. You stoned.
Elvira Hancock: I’m not stoned. You’re stoned.
Tony Montana: Look at that guy. What’s he got that I don’t got?
Manny: Well, he’s very handsome for one thing…
Tony Montana: What you tell ’em?
Manolo Ray: I told ’em what you told me to tell ’em, I told ’em I was in sanitation, they didn’t go for it.
Tony Montana: Sanitation? I told you to tell ’em that you was in a sanitarium, not sanitation, sanitarium.
Tony Montana: Me, I want what’s coming to me.
Manny: Oh, well…what’s coming to you?
Tony Montana: The world, Chico, and everything in it.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.. (STORY OF ANDROID and IPHONE)

Guys, apa kabar.

Kiranya sekarang sudah banyak yang mendengar tentang android dan boomingnya.
Dalam tulisan iseng ini, saya mau berbagi cerita tentang awal mulanya
android kenapa bisa muncul, sudah sampai mana dan mau kemana.
Tulisan ini sebagian pernah saya ceritakan sebagai bagian presentasi dalam
gathering id-android yg entah ke berapa kali, dan sedikit dalam peluncuran
Dell Streak.
Kiranya bermanfaat buat android lover dan gadgeteer lainnya, untuk melihat
semangat yang dikandung android di dalamnya.

Suatu ketika Google, raksasa search engine, membeli Android inc, yang
dipimpin Andy Rubin.
Setelah dibeli, Google mengangkat Andy Rubin sebagai Vice President of
Engineering urusan android, google menyadari, Andy Rubin yang berkutat di
android adalah orang yang paling mengerti tentang android, orang ini tetap
harus memimpin.

(Bandingkan dengan kisah Steve Jobs di Apple inc, dia yang membuat apple,
dia memberi rohnya, saat membesarkan Apple, eh dia bisa disingkirkan dari
Apple sampai harus membuat Next computer, dan akhirnya kembali ke Apple
menghasilkan kejayaan)

Saat itu digelar meeting, untuk mendengarkan visi dan misi dari Android yang
dibawakan oleh Andy Rubin.
Hadir disana adalah VP Engineering google, Vic Gundotra.

Ketika meeting baru mulai dan Andy siap memaparkan apa itu android, Vic
langsung menyela dengan skeptis, dengan pertanyaan:
"Andy, apa dunia ini benar masih butuh mobile operating system lain?"
Usaha google adalah di mesin pencari dan iklan, dan mesin pencari google
sudah ada disetiap smartphone.

Saat itu di dunia sudah ada banyak operating system, ada Windows Mobile, ada
Blackberry, ada Symbian , dan ada rajanya smartphone, Apple dengan iPhone or
iOS nya, belum lagi operating system kecil lain .

Dan Andy menjelaskan demikian, ada 2 point utama kenapa android harus

Point pertama.
Saat ini kita sedang kritis, dan butuh sebuah operating system yang free dan
terbuka (open source) supaya setiap developer bisa bebas berinovasi di
setiap level di dalamnya.
Dengan cara ini para pembuat handset atau vendor  bisa membuat handset
sesuai keinginannya, boleh layar 2", 3" atau 4".
Boleh pakai keyboard, boleh tidak., boleh ada kamera depan atau tidak…

Dan nanti semua operator bisa ikut bergabung bersama sesuai kemampuan
mereka, boleh 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wimax, boleh CDMA boleh GSM dll.

Akhirnya nanti adalah konsumen yang diuntungkan, mereka bisa menentukan
sendiri handset smartphone android mana yang terbaik menurut mereka, sesuai
kebutuhan, kemampuan dan operator yang menjadi pilihan mereka.

—– dan begitulah dasar dari android yang ada sekarang, dalam usia masuk 2
tahun, android ada di berbagai merk, ada yg murah , ada yang mahal, ada yg
layar 2 inch, 3" , 4" bahkan 5" dan 7", ada yang kecepatan prosesornya
300Mhz, ada yang 1Ghz, dan ada yang lebih dari itu , ada yang berkeyboard,
ada yang berlayar sentuh kapasitif, resistif, berkamera depan, berkamera
3MP, 5MP, 8MP dll, juga dengan berbagai dukungan operator berbeda-beda,
android fit di dalamnya.——–

Point ke 2.
Andy menambahkan point ke 2.
Karena kini google adalah raksasa IT, google punya kemampuan.
Kalau google diam saja, maka dunia akan menghadapi Draconian Future
–(draconian future mengacu kepada jaman Yunani ketika seorang bernama Draco
menjadi pengatur hukum disana, dimana pelanggaran kecil saja mendapat
hukuman yang berat)— masa depan yang "sulit" dimana nanti di depan hanya
akan ada:

1 Orang
1 Perusahaan
1 Operating System
dan 1 Operator
saja yang bisa  jadi pilihan konsumen…

That’s the future we don’t want …

(dan sekarang yg baca bertanya-tanya siapa yang dimaksud oleh Andy Rubin
sebagai 1 penguasa? , kuncinya adalah tahun 1984 :-))

Pembicaraan ditutup dengan kata2 ini:

Jadi jika kita adalah orang yang

percaya akan:

percaya akan

dan percaya akan
yang bisa dilakukan semua orang

Selamat datang di Android!

Semangat ini yang membawa Android terus berevolusi sampai sekarang, maka
dalam 1,5 tahun kehadiran android, sudah dipercaya oleh:
59 Operator
48 Negara
21 OEM
100 ribu aplikasi
200ribu android baru diaktivasi setiap hari.

Data sekarang sepertinya jauh lebih banyak, data ini kira2 ada di bulan
Juni-Juli 2010.

Sekarang, pada hari ini 21 Oktober 2010, android genap berumur 2 tahun.

Dalam umur yang sangat muda, kita merasakah euforia nya merangsek semua
aspek, silahkan buka semua grafik yang ada tentang android, semua menyatakan
gerakan yang menaik, setiap hari berita-berita gadgets diisi oleh android,
setiap beberapa hari android model baru di launching.
Semua aspek , semua level konsumen hampir bisa menggunakan android sebagai
pilihannya, mau yang murah dikepala 1 juta ada, mau yang tercanggih dan
cepat ada, mau yang level mid ada, mau cdma, mau gsm, mau yang bisa hsdpa,
mau yang 4G, semua ada.

Sebuah gerakan keterbukaan dan gratis (open source dan free) , membuat
pandangan tentang sesuatu yang gratis biasanya tidak bagus, dijungkir
balikkan. Lihat aplikasi2 dari google yang gratis tanpa harus bayar, we can
say itu adalah aplikasi2 terbaik dibanding yang harus berbayar sekalipun.
Lihat mereka yang cepat tanggap dan langsung berani menaiki perahu
keterbukaan ini, misalnya Motorola, ketika diambang keterpurukan ketika
tidak mampu bersaing dengan merk2 lain dalam hal inovasi, langsung menanjak
bahkan memperoleh anugerah best smartphone 2009, dan sekarang adalah merk
yang sangat berinovasi dengan android nya di banyak level.
Dengan berani boss Motorola berkata :"kedepan motorola hanya akan membuat
smartphone android 🙂 "

Lihat HTC, sama2 langsung berani percaya kepada google dan menjadi partner
terbaik, sekarang namanya bersinar di dunia sebagai pembuat smartphone kelas
atas dan membukukan keuntungan naik 60% dalam setahun.

Samsung melakukan gebrakan, mengusung android dan langsung berani fight
dengan sang raksasa iPhone, sekarang SGS terjual jutaan dalam waktu singkat,
ada di banyak negara, dengan variasi type dan diusung operator kelas atas.

Nokia , terlena dengan keberhasilannya yang panjang, lupa dan lambat
berinovasi, sekarang sulit mengejar 2 raksasa , android dan iPhone. Hanya
bisa mengejek ketika ditanya kenapa tidak ikut segera masuk ke kapal
android, " hanya seperti anak kecil yang kencing dalam celana waktu musim
dingin, untuk merasakan kehangatan sesaat" begitu kira2 komentar CEO Nokia,
dan kini proyek meego nya masih harus berjuang keras membuktikan diri untuk
bersaing dengan raksasa android dan iphone yang terus berlari berkejaran,
setelah langkahnya membuat segala macam OVI untuk menyaingi rival
penggerusnya BlackBerry kandas.

Blackberry menyadari, dia sangat hebat di sosialita dan server, tapi untuk
menggapai level emas smartphone terbaik masih harus digapai lebih keras,
ketika usahanya berevolusi di blackberry OS 6 , BB Torch masih dianggap
belum selevel duo raksasa.
Ini seperti dalam sekolah SMA, biasanya ada seorang murid yang menjadi
idola, ganteng, ramah tamah, banyak teman dan disukai banyak orang juga
terkenal disekolah. Tapi nanti yang namanya ada dihalaman khusus di buku
tahunan, dan terpajang namanya di dinding hall of fame sekolah adalah bukan
yang terganteng dan banyak teman, tapi selalu : lulusan terbaik.
Dan calon lulusan terbaik itu adalah android dan iPhone.

Itulah fakta yang berbicara dalam 2 tahun ini, tentang keterbukaan, pilihan
dan inovasi. Dan sekarang dipuncak pertarungan hanya ada 2 raksasa, android
dan iPhone.
(entahlah windows phone 7 akan jadi raksasa yg lain atau tetap akan ada 2

Mari saya bercerita sedikit tentang pengalaman saya dengan android, mengapa
saya tergila2 dengan nya.
Dulu tahun 2009 saya pernah bercerita tentang why i left blackberry and move
on to android, ketika saya memutuskan berganti "kendaraan" dari bb ke
android, padahal saat itu BB sedang ada di puncak, dan android baru nongol
sebagai handset model ke 2 yang ada di pasaran. Sekarang sudah ada 100
bahkan  lebih model handset android.
Saat itu android belum sehebat sekarang, sama seperti saya mengenang ketika
pertama mencoba iPhone 2G, saat itu iPhone juga belum sehebat sekarang.

Akhir tahun 2009 google mengumumkan merelease  the Nexus One, lompatan
android pertama dengan spek tinggi yang melampaui spek iPhone 3Gs sekalipun,
membuat oom Steve Jobs ngambek dengan mengatakan " kita tidak masuk ke
bisnis mesin pencari, kenapa sekarang google masuk bersaing ke bisnis kita
di smartphone!" ( I Love Steve Jobs, kisah hidupnya, visinya, speechnya
luar biasa dan saya mengamini dia memang pantas menjadi icon yang membawa
perubahaan besar bagi teknologi dunia).
Saya pernah bercerita juga tentang ini (di ketika google bermain cantik)
bahwa ternyata dugaan oom Steve salah, google bermaksud lain ketika membuat
Nexus One, dan hasilnya nyata, google hanya mendorong lebih jauh vendor2
lain untuk mengayuh lebih cepat, makanya dalam tahun 2010 ini perkembangan
smartphone menjadi luar biasa cepat, speed tinggi, layar makin cantik, user
interface makih hebat dll
Baru keluar yang terhebat, sebentar kemudian ada yang lebih hebat.
Beberapa orang mengatakan : cape, baru beli yg terbaik rasanya sudah ada
yang lebih baik lagi.

Apple fanboy mengatakan, lebih baik apple, inovasinya jelas, setahun sekali,
beli sekarang , tahun depan baru ganti lagi:-)

Android fanboy mengatakan, we want more! Let’s release the new one with more
power, more innovation now! Jangan tunda2 🙂

Sekitar bulan januari-februari lalu saya menjadi (kemungkinan) angkatan
pertama yang memiliki nexus one, sekarang usianya menuju 1 tahun, betapa
dalam perjalanan memilikinya saya menyaksikan perkembangan yang cepat.
Juni 2010, kita mencoba OS android baru yang namanya Froyo 2.2, dan speed
tiba2 naik menjadi 2,5 x lebih cepat.
Entah sudah berapa puluh macam custom rom saya coba, hasil pengembangan
otak2 encer dari luar dan dalam negeri yang menjukkan bakat talentanya.
Entah sudah berapa ribu aplikasi saya coba dalam waktu yang singkat.

Saya ingat ketika anak saya minta handphone nya diganti dari sebuah windows
mobile yg berantakan ketika jatuh dari motor. Dia memilih iPhone, dan
semenjak itu menjadi apple fanboy, cita2 nya 1, menabung untuk membeli
iPhone terbaru dan sebuah Mac.
Dalam waktu singkat dia sudah jago ngehack iPhone, terampil jailbreak,
sehingga memudahkan pekerjaan saya, pulang tinggal kasih iPhone customer ke
tangan dia, besok bangun sudah selesai di jailbreak dan diisi aplikasi
sampai penuh:-)
Waktu dia iseng nyoba2 nexus saya dia berkata: tidak sebagus dan selancar
iPhone, saya iyakan.
Saya senang isengi dia ketika ada satu aplikasi menarik, saya perlihatkan,
dan besoknya dia berkutat akan cari lawannya di iPhone. Ini proses belajar
buat dia dan saya untuk melihat lebih terbuka kemajuan dua raksasa.
Keluhannya tentang iPhone kadang hanya masalah menjadi berat ketika terlalu
banyak di hack, mendahului masanya bikin iPhone bisa multitasking, bisa
dikelompokkan dll, dan kadang dia harus mulai dari awal lagi ketika akhirnya
iPhone nya ngehang berkepanjangan. Dan lama2 dia mengeluh menantikan iPhone
4 yg tidak nongol2 , kata dia bosan mau diapain lagi iPhone yang sekarang

Saya jadi mengerti kenapa Oom Steve sebel dengan jailbreakers, it makes
iPhone tidak menunjukkan karisma flawlesly nya lagi.
Disatu sisi saya melihat apple fanboys yang jago jailbreak rindu yang
namanya inovasi segera, menambahkan apa yang dirasa kurang disana, yang
kalau ditunggu harap2 cemas apakah akan dimasukkan dalam edisi iPhone
berikutnya tahun depan.
Oom Steve Jobs adalah orang yang perfectionist, jangan berharap akan masuk
ranah wimax atau LTE, sebelum wimax dan LTE menjadi umum dan terlihat jalan
baik. (saat iphone 2g keluar, dunia lagi test koneksi 3G)
Android berbeda, dia menurut saya seperti Star Trek, " to boldly go where no
one has gone before…" makanya segera ada HTC Evo 4, samsung epic dan ada
desire Z.

One day saya pulang bawa iPhone 4, anak saya begitu senang, langsung dia
test, segala macam dia install termasuk film2 hasil convert nya.
Ketika duduk bersama saya bilang  ayo kita lihat siapa lebih snappy
sekarang, pertama kita coba scroll, betapa kaget dia melihat, dulu sama
iPhone 3G aja kalah snappy itu nexus, sekarang nexus yang sama bisa lebih
snappy dari iPhone 4:-)
Dia tidak percaya , dibilangnya saya ganti sama handset android baru,
setelah mencoba sendiri dia percaya itu nexus saya yang lama.
Besoknya dia mengembalikan iPhone 4 nya, saya tanya kenapa, dia bilang dia
tidak tertarik lagi, hanya mendapat gambar yang lebih bagus saja tidak ada
yg bisa dioprek lebih jauh… tidak jauh beda sama iPhone nya yang lama.
(saya rasa dia mengoprek terlalu jauh, sehingga apa yang ada sekarang di
iPhone4 dulu sudah dirasakannya walau tidak sehebat pengalaman aslinya)

Pada cerita diatas saya bukan meledek iPhone jelek, nope sama sekali tidak,
iPhone 4 sangat bagus. Beberapa kali saya tergoda untuk memakainya, tapi
user experience nya belum nempel buat saya, seperti baju yang keren, tapi
tidak membuat saya merasa nyaman.
Caranya mengolah email, notification, dan ketergantungan yang tidak henti
kepada iTunes not fit for me walau aplikasi2 nya luar biasa hebat.

Butuh 1 tahun dari iPhone 2G ke 3G untuk menikmati forwarding sms, dan copy
butuh 1 tahun untuk ke 3Gs untuk bisa punya kompas dan autofokus camera,
dan butuh 1 tahun lagi untuk bisa multitasking di iPhone 4.

Setiap bulan semenjak memakai Nexus, saya mengalami seolah2 selalu memiliki
handset baru, dulu bisanya hanya ini, sekarang bisa itu, dulu speed saya
hanya segini, sekarang saya bisa melewati barriernya:-) Menurut saya ini
adalah hasil dari keterbukaan dan inovasi setiap level yang boleh dilakukan
semua orang. Saya sekarang sangat nyaman dengan Nexus one yang sangat cepat
dan snappy, dan sudah tidak sabar menantikan inovasi di Gingerbread, android

Keterbukaan bukan disukai semua orang, seperti baru saja Oom Steve dalam
wawancara dengan macworld menyinggung masalah fragmentasi di android dan
masalah keterbukaan android dibanding dengan ketertutupan apple.
Oom SJ menyinggung masalah android market, akan ada market dari bestbuy,
dari amazon, dari verizon , vodafone dan dari google sendiri, (belum lagi
market2 lokal) , dikatakan ini akan membuat developer bingung. (setiap
cerita oom steve selalu bawa developers, bahwa apple adalah yang terbaik
yang mengayomi developers, disatu sisi ini menunjukkan pengakuan bahwa
iphone menjadi hebat karena inovasi dan dukungan developer? :-))

Sebelumnya masalah ini pernah dibawa menjadi pertanyaan ke google, why
google membiarkan ada "toko" aplikasi lain selain android market? Tidakkah
membuat google rugi?
Pertama google bercerita , bahwa komitmen mereka terhadap keterbukaan (open
source) jelas, bolehnya dibuat toko aplikasi lain sah sah saja, ini dianggap
memperkaya keterbukaan tersebut, developer boleh memilih mana yang fit buat
mereka, sama dengan cerita diatas konsumen android boleh pilih type android
mana dan operator mana yang dianggap paling fit buat mereka.

Google tidak berbisnis jualan aplikasi, Oom Steve iya di appsore nya.
Tidak ada kerugian buat google ada toko aplikasi yg hasil penjualannya tidak
masuk ke kas google, karena itu bukan core bisnis google, core bisnis google
di iklan 🙂 Dengan banyaknya android, sekarang pertumbuhan hit iklan di
android naik 5x lipat. Ini seperti memberi petani lahan gratis, ujung2 nya
menang pilkada 🙂

Kalau ada appstore lain di iphone tentu ini mengurangi pendapatan oom Steve
secara signifikan, karena jualan lagu dan aplikasi disana sumbangan buat
apple sangat-sangat besar. Kalau saya jadi Oom Steve, memang itu langkah
logis paling cengli, harus bisa monopoli:-)

Masalah opensource android bukan hanya diuji di toko aplikasi, beberapa
handset android keluar dengan mesin pencari bukan google, melainkan Bing
dari microsoft atau Yahoo search.
Google diminta komentarnya, menurut pandangan orang2 itu memang kurang ajar,
sudah jelas2 android punya google dan anda ganti mesin pencarinya dengan yg
Google dengan tenang hanya menjawab, "kalau kami melarang mesin pencari
lain, bukankah itu mencederai semangat open source?"
Makanya dengan free anda bisa mencari aplikasi pencari lain di market
android, diantaranya Bing dan Yahoo search… 🙂 but kita2 tahu siapa yang
bisa diandalkan.
(kalau waktu itu gosip iPhone baru akan memakai Bing sebagai mesin pencari
pengganti google menjadi kenyataan, bagaimana rasanya memiliki sebuah
iPhone?  I thing you’ll miss something big  🙂
Di android ada banyak aplikasi untuk sebuah browser, xscope, dolphine HD,
Opera, Fennec (firefox), skyfire dll… apa yang menurut kita lebih nyaman
atau lebih baik silahkan dipakai bersama chrome lite bawaan android bahkan
Butuh berapa generasi iPhone sampai opera dijinkan ada sebagai pendamping
safari browser?

Fragmentasi diangkat besar2 oleh Oom Steve kemarin itu, sebagai masalah
besar di android, salah satu contohnya bahwa butuh 100 lebih macam aplikasi
Tweet deck (oom SJ keseleo menyebutnya TwitterDeck) untuk fit di 244 macam
handset android (sekarang kita tahu ada 244 macam handset android, how fast,
juni lalu di Google IO baru around 60-80 macam).
Tapi ternyata besoknya dijawab oleh boss TweetDeck bahwa hanya ada 2 orang
yang ngurusin aplikasi tweetdeck untuk android, menunjukkan fragmentasi
hanya masalah kecil.

Fragmentasi saya lihat terjadi kalau vendor lambat mengikuti arus, misal
sony ericsson yang dari awal bikin handset di bulan Juni x10, dilanjutkan
x10 mini,  mini pro, dan sampai sekarang yang terbaru x8 tetap pakai donut
1.6 didalamnya, maka akan mengalami aplikasi2 baru tidak bisa jalan di
handsetnya ketika developer membuatnya untuk OS yang lebih maju.
Kemungkinan dengan ini google mengajari ayo maju-maju, kalau nanti tidak
inovasi kamu dilibas yang lain.
Jadi ketika mau ikut keberhasilan didalam perahu android, selain
menghasilkan handset yang layak jual, vendor juga harus ikut mendayung,
kalau tidak tertinggal dan dilupakan.

Benar ada masalah fragmentasi di android, tapi no big deals seperti
diceritakan diatas. Apakah masalah ini tidak ada di iPhone? Dengan rajinnya
sekarang iPhone berperang dengan lock jailbreak, setiap beberapa saat ada
upgrade, 4.0, 4.01. 4.02, 4.1 dan mau 4.2 . Kalau kita rajin mendownloadnya
bayangkan berapa giga habis untuk OS ini, karena iphone OS nya sudah
menyentuh 500-600 Mega:-)
Dan tidak semua aplikasi yang tadinya jalan di OS yang satu akan jalan di OS
mendatang 🙂

Oom Steve , senang dengan angka2, penjualan iPhone sekian juta, mengalahkan
RIM dll (walau kemudian dibantah oleh RIM juga), jangan suka tergiur dengan
Look at Nokia, terlalu asik dengan angka2 penjualannya sampai lupa
berinovasi, dan a little too late sekarang untuk mengejar perahu iPhone dan
android yg asik ngebut. Walau tahun 2012 symbian akan tetap nomer 1 dalam
hal jumlah, tapi tidak lagi ada gengsi memakainya.
Jangan nanti suatu saat speech oom Steve yang memberikan banyak inspirasi
hanya tinggal angka2…
Kalau oom Steve berhenti berinovasi, saya takut android juga berhenti, coz
no one to fight for 🙂

Selamat ulang tahun ke 2 android
Keep Open Source
Keep open for choices
Keep Innovation

Senang kamu hadir menjadi penyeimbang, so we don’t face a draconian


Sepenggal kisah android oleh Lucky Sebastian

Ejekan Steve Jobs Cuma Dijawab Satu Kalimat

JAKARTA, — Komentar Steve Jobs yang menyebut Android
sebagai platform yang tidak benar-benar terbuka cuma dijawab dengan
satu tweet oleh petinggi Google. Adalah Andy Rubin, Head Android
Engineer, yang menimpali ejekan CEO Apple di akun Twitter-nya.

"The definition of open is "mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u
git:// ; repo sync ;
make," tulis Rubin, Selasa (19/10/2010). Dengan tweet itu, Rubin
kelihatannya justru balik mengejek Steve Jobs bahkan mengajari bos
Apple itu yang tak paham definisi open source, sifat teknologi yang
dipakai Android.

Yang ditulis Rubin itu pada dasarnya satu baris perintah Unix shell
code. Kira-kira artinya buat direktori Android, masuk ke direktori
tersebut, lakukan koneksi dari repositori kernel Android, lalu lakukan
sinkronisasi direktori tersebut dengan apa yang ada di repository, dan
kemudian jalankan source code.

Sungguh menggelikan kalau Steve Jobs tidak tahu atau pura-pura tidak
tahu bahwa source code Android bisa bebas diunduh siapa saja karena
open source. Mereka bisa menggunakan source code tersebut untuk
membuat sistem operasi yang lengkap dan benar-benar berbeda, tidak
seperti sistem operasi iOS buatan Apple yang hanya ada satu karena
hanya Apple yang bisa mengutak-atiknya.

Sebelumnya, saat mengumumkan laporan keuangan Apple pada kuartal
terakhir yang mencatat rekor baru pendapatan 20 miliar dollar AS, Jobs
mengejek Android sebagai plaform yang terpecah-pecah (fragmented).
Misalnya, setiap vendor bisa membuat model bisnis sendiri sehingga
pengembang dan konsumen harus menyesuaikan dengan setiap sistem yang
dipakai, tidak seperti iOS yang terintegrasi. Misalnya membuat pasar
atau toko aplikasi yang hanya bisa jalan di handset buatan vendor
tersebut meski menggunakan platform Android. Inilah yang disebut Jobs
bahwa Android tidak benar-benar terbuka.

Nah, apakah Jobs lupa bahwa yang namanya open source itu bisa dipakai,
diotak-atik, dimodifikasi, dan diganti-ganti sesuai keinginan setiap
orang, kapan saja, dan di mana saja? Bahkan, semua bisa bebas
menggunakannya secara cuma-cuma.

5 Ways Windows Phone 7 Could Bite Into Android

imageAndroid is the darling of the mobile world right now and has grown to be the best-selling platform in the U.S. in recent sales.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is still waiting to go on sale starting Nov. 8 after a showy launch yesterday in New York. The new platform has a long way to go in a hyper-competitive market, and there’s no guarantee Microsoft is going to be successful in taking down Android, Apple’s iOS or even Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS.

Having spent time with the devices and hearing from executives at the launch event yesterday, I think if Microsoft executes well — and that’s a big if considering this is a first release with plenty of potential bugs to deal with — Windows Phone 7 could bite into the growth of Android and regain significant ground in the smartphone space. It could also stifle RIM’s and Apple’s efforts but I think Microsoft has the best shot at hurting Android’s momentum.

Here’s why:

Android loyalty is strong, but it isn’t set in stone. Aside from iPhone owners (80 percent), Android users are the most likely to say they’ll buy another device (70 percent) with the same OS, according to Nielsen. However, there’s a fair number of Android users (14 percent) who say they would switch to the iPhone for their next purchase, and 16 percent who say they would be open to buying a different device with another OS.

While Android’s loyalty numbers are strong, much of its strength comes from its availability in a number of form factors, prices that are often cheaper than an iPhone, and support on all four major U.S. carriers. Basically, it’s the best non-iPhone available on whatever carrier people have, and that’s where it’s really taken off. Yes, there are people who love the openness of Android or enjoy tinkering with the devices, or maybe they just prefer an alternative to Apple. But for many people, Android is the best runner-up to the iPhone.

Pretty soon however, Android will have competition for the title of the best non-Apple smartphone available on all carriers. Windows Phone 7 is launching on AT&T and T-Mobile, and is slated to go to Verizon and Sprint next year, avoiding the mistake of the Palm Pre which took too long to move to other carriers.

Android will still have a loyal base, but it’s a largely a collection of new converts. There’s no guarante they won’t jump ship when their contract expires, especially when they see devices that compare favorably. Prospective Android buyers may also reconsider when they take a look at WP7. That’s because…

Windows Phone 7 provides a better user experience. It starts with the quality control enforced by Microsoft. There’s more consistency from device to device, both in the interface and the layout of buttons. On Android devices, there are multiple skins and UIs available, and even the button layout changes between devices and manufacturers. Also, because Microsoft will be able to push out software updates over the air, each phone will get updated at the same time. On Android, it’s anyone’s guess when your particular model will get an update, because carriers control the update process for all Android phones aside from the Nexus One.

The interface also feels more intuitive and slick. While Android often seems like a copy of iOS with some added functionality through a menu button, WP7 really feels unique and engaging in a very good way. The panoramic navigation feels fresh and fun. Android, by contrast, often seems to involve one more button press than I’d like.

The Windows Phone 7 is by no means a revolutionary platform, but it provides the most wow and uniqueness since the iPhone appeared. Its overall experience makes Android feel a touch unpolished at times.

Games on Windows Phone 7 will look much better than Android games. I’ve played a few games on WP7 devices, and they look and play better than anything on Android. It helps that touch input is first-rate on WP7 phones, but it goes back to the XNA developer tools, which are familiar to many game developers.

Microsoft, with its Xbox 360 business, is well positioned to lure serious game developers over to Windows Phone 7. Android, on the hand, hasn’t had a great track record getting game developer support. EA and Gameloft are on board, but for its size, the platform hasn’t been a huge priority yet for game developers. Even Angry Birds developer Rovio released a full version for webOS before it launched a lite beta version on Android.

Games matter, and it’s partly the reason why the iPhone and the iPod touch have been so successful. Games have been the largest category in the iTunes App Store for a while now.

Windows Phone 7 will likely have a better app story overall. The apps on WP7 look great so far. Yes, it’s a limited view, but even in the fast-paced world of smartphones, the third-party apps on WP7 look very modern. There will be many more apps in Google’s Android Market for some time, but WP7 titles should be high-quality, partly because Microsoft is paying some developers for their work.

Microsoft is trying to catch up, but it shows they’re taking the apps business seriously, which means we should see more than the 18 apps that launched with the Palm Pre. Microsoft said developers have already downloaded the developer tools more than 500,000 times. I tried out apps like IMDb, Fandango, Netflix and eBay, all of which are available on Android, except for Netflix, which is likely coming soon. The Android apps are clean and utilize tabs or buttons similar to the iPhone. The WP7 apps looked more dynamic, with bigger icons and the ability to swipe left and right for more menus. If developers make use of the tools Microsoft is offering, they’ll create programs that invite more usage and also feel part of a family of WP7 apps. Microsoft says developers will be able to make apps in a shorter amount of time because their tools are so good.

It’s a big question whether app developers will support Windows Phone 7. Microsoft, for its part, overhauled the Windows Marketplace for Mobile to make it more friendly to customers and developers. It has a web store where you can buy apps from a desktop browser, something we’re still waiting for from Google. Microsoft seems committed to making sure there are actual paying transactions happening in its store, which doesn’t always seem like the case with Android. Developers who might be deterred by Windows Phone 7′s small market share may be convinced to sell in Marketplace because it’s more designed to move product.

Microsoft will spend money on Windows Phone 7 marketing. Expect to see a lot of marketing for Windows Phone 7. I talked to an exec who said Microsoft will be pushing the new platform, but he wouldn’t outline the marketing spend. At least one analyst has estimated Microsoft will spend $400 million on the WP7 launch.

Google participates in marketing with its carrier partners, but it doesn’t run its own ads. What you see are the oddly robotic-obsessed Droid Does campaign ads that hype a particular line-up from one carrier, such as Verizon Wireless. There’s no cohesive Android marketing campaign that spans all the devices.

Microsoft has the opportunity to tell a story, much like Apple does with the iPhone. It’s building a narrative around phones running its platform, as you can see in the first ads, which tout Windows Phone 7 as “a phone that can save us from our phones.” Say what you want about the ads, but they’re part of a cohesive message that extends to all the phones. At least they are better than the Palm Pre’s bizarre New Age ads.

You can be sure Microsoft will do a lot of promotion around its phones and the way they tie back into its popular assets like Xbox Live, Bing and Microsoft Office. The lack of a single marketing campaign for Android hasn’t hurt sales, but I think the Microsoft ads will get people comparing, and they’re going to find a lot to like.

Windows Phone 7 still has plenty of work to do. Don’t get me wrong; I think Windows still has its work cut out for it. Copy and paste isn’t scheduled to arrive until early 2011, and multi-tasking is still a no-show. There are still bugs, like the inability to run certain apps in landscape view. And then there’s the huge task of generating momentum in a market defined by the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Looking at the market, I see the iPhone continuing a steady march because it’s still the best overall experience. With a Verizon Wireless model likely to come early next year, sales should continue on an upward climb. RIM is already losing market share, and WP7 could contribute to that. But it’s Android that has really benefited as the platform for people who are interested in an iPhone but don’t want to switch to AT&T or object to Apple for some reason. Windows Phone 7 has the ability to swoop in and vie for that iPhone competitor spot. The makings are there. Let’s see if Microsoft makes good on this opportunity.

Reference :

Microsoft Announces First Windows Phone 7 Handsets

NEW YORK — Microsoft on Monday unveiled details on the first phones running its brand new Windows Phone 7 operating system, the software giant’s answer to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile platforms.

The phone will be available on AT&T (who co-hosted the event) and T-Mobile networks stateside beginning Nov. 8, with handsets from HTC, LG, Dell and Samsung.

“We have a beautiful lineup in this first wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer at Microsoft. “Microsoft and its partners are delivering a different kind of mobile phone and experience — one that makes everyday tasks faster by getting more done in fewer steps and providing timely information in a ‘glance and go’ format.”

image image 

Windows Phone 7 is a complete overhaul of Windows Mobile, which with Nokia, Blackberry and Palm had dominated smartphones before Apple and Google entered the market beginning just three years ago. Windows Mobile currently has just 5 percent of the global smartphone market, down from 9 percent only a year ago, according to Gartner Research. Worldwide, Android has already shot up to 17 percent, Apple to 14 percent, with Nokia/Symbian and RIM/BlackBerry leading with 41 and 18 percent respectively.

From the user’s point of view, the most significant innovation of Windows Phone 7 will probably be the UI design, organized around what Microsoft calls “Hubs.” Instead of a flat screen offering a grid of applications, services will be grouped in tiles according to the tasks they perform. For example, “Music” might include an onboard Zune-like media player, but also streaming services like Slacker Radio. Each hub prioritizes recent or favorite files or apps and will be able to integrate with social, sharing and streaming services in the cloud.

The primary hubs for Phone 7 will be People (with integrated contacts, phone and text messaging, and social networking), Pictures (including photos on phone, but also on Windows Live, Office (OneNote, Word and Excel Documents, SharePoint), Music/Video (Microsoft’s Zune and subscription service ZunePass, iHeartRadio, and Slacker Radio), Games (multiplayer gaming with Xbox Live).

Many of these services will be built in to the OS or pre-packaged by the hardware manufacturers, but third-party applications will be also be available for distribution through Microsoft’s app store. These applications will be able to use WP7’s built-in location and communication services.


“Thousands of applications are being developed right now,” said Microsoft developer Joe Belfiore. “Our goal is to work with our partners so their apps have elegant coexistence with what’s already on the device.” Belfiore demonstrated apps from eBay, IMDB, AT&T’s UVerse Mobile, but did not announce the number of apps available at launch or details about an app marketplace.

Microsoft is also trying a new approach to smartphone hardware. While Apple and Blackberry have designed devices tightly built around their own software, and Android has generally allowed hardware OEMs to put the OS on whatever device they wish, Microsoft has taken a hybrid approach, specifying standards for their hardware partners to meet in order to carry Windows Phone 7. These include three specific buttons – a menu/home button with a Windows logo, a back button, and search, plus other processor and screen resolution requirements.

The initial group of WP7 phones on AT&T are the HTC Surround, the LG Quantum, and the Samsung Focus. All three feature a 1-GHz processor, Wi-Fi, a 5-MP camera with 720-MP video, and each will cost $199.99 with a new contract. The HTC Surround is game- and media-focused, with a 3.5-inch screen, 16-GB storage, two Dolby Surround speakers and a kickstand to prop the device up on a flat surface. Samsung’s Focus offers the most screen real estate, with a 4-inch 800×480 Super AMOLED WVGA touchscreen, but only 8 GB of storage. The LG Quantum is optimized for text entry, with a 3.5-inch screen, 16 GB of storage and a slide-out landscape QWERTY keyboard.

Like Apple and Android (and Microsoft’s desktop software long before that), Microsoft has also designed Windows Phone 7 to complement other devices and services in the Windows ecosystem. It offers cloud syncing from the phone to the desktop through, tight integration with Windows Live’s cloud-based office, storage, contacts/calendar, e-mail/instant messaging, file-sharing and media-management services, and gaming downloads and social networking through Xbox Live.

The most thorough integration, though, may be with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Every WP7 phone will have a search button that will connect with Bing to search web results, maps, directions, media or shopping. Bing’s search results will in turn be closely tied to the sharing and communication services on the devices. The mobile front-end client for Bing was smooth and versatile, but some may note that Microsoft did not show or announce the possibility of using another search backend as the default.

The other major worry about WP7 was the lack of copy and paste at launch, which Belfiore confirmed. However, he promised that a free update adding copy and paste would be pushed to all WP7 devices in early 2011.

The two major emphases I see in Windows Phone 7 are the integrated social networking and cloud services and the push towards casual gaming. EA’s The Sims 3 for Windows Mobile is a terrific example of the confluence of those two. Just as with the Xbox and Kinect, the development of Xbox Live for mobile has taken strong cues in look and feel from both Nintendo’s Wii and the success of iOS in casual gaming for all ages. There’s very little here that’s directed for the Xbox 360’s hard-core gamers, but there’s plenty here for people who love to play games and share media with their friends.

Microsoft’s hope is that these features will differentiate Windows Phone 7 devices from the rest of the market. Users already engaged with Microsoft devices and software, from the Windows 7 desktop OS and MS Office to the Xbox or Zune, will benefit the most from their integration on the smartphone. Others may find Phone 7’s interface and its reorganization of applications and services more intuitive or appealing.

It’s a beautiful interface, competitively priced and extremely well-integrated with Microsoft’s other core products. The irony is that two of these core products – Office and the Xbox – have been largely separate until now. Users may just have a difficult time deciding whether it’s a phone for business or pleasure – or whether Microsoft can succeed in trying to do both at the same time on one device.

Photo: Tim Carmody/

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Review Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Uda berapa lama niat banget beli samsung omnia 2, tapi malah liat2 hape android koq malah napsu yaa sama android, apalagi milestone yang ada dedicated keyboardnya. Tapi masalahnya kalo beli hape dengan harga diatas >5 jt itu uda gak efektif dan efisien. masalahnya harganya bakalan turun menukik sih.

Setelah melihat review2 android, memang napsu juga sih beli samsung galaxy spica, tapi setelah itu malah keluar x10 mini trus dilanjut sama x10 mini pro. waaah rupanya malahan keluar nih x10 mini pro yang di launching di selular show yang ada di JHCC beberapa minggu lalu.

Harga launching sih 3.5 jt, harga pameran 3jt, trus harga "happy hour" yang hanya 1 jam saja 2.7jt. Ane dapetnya yang "happy hour", walaupun ngantri berjam2, stock yang tersedia cuma 200 unit dalam waktu >1 jam langsung ludes euy..untung dapet 1. Dengan harga 2,7 jt, saya dapet xperia x10 mini pro + BT handsfree(seharga 300rb) + tas..worth it banget dhe

Setelah melakukan pemakaian, sangat puas dengan device ini..memang sebelum membeli sesuatu saya sudah mereview banyak aspek yang harus saya miliki dalam sebuah handphone, maklum hape jadul saya dulu Hewlett Packard rw6828 yang saya beli taun 2006 masi awet aja ampe sekarang, tapi mo ganti ke windows mobile lagi uda bosan sih oprak opreknya.

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Xperiencing the new xperia x10 mini pro



It’s been a long time ago since i wanted to buy iPhone so badly. But then the iPhone prices in Indonesia was set too high that i would never want to buy that pricey things.

Things has gone so far, as I read some android article and found out that Samsung Galaxy Spica is one of the valuable phone to buy. My friend and my brother has it, so I tried it. It was a nice experience but I find it a bit laggy when it opens and close applications. So far, Samsung Galaxy Spica is worthed to buy.

I belive that Samsung price about Rp. 2.600.000 – 2.900.000, but then I find myself that xperia x10 has launched the x10 mini. It was a nice device, so mini but the things that made me uncomfortable was that the battery can’t be replaced and doesn’t have on screen keyboard too. The text-input mode is using multi-tap.

Finally the xperia x10 mini pro launched. It has the same specifications but fixes the bug, battery can be replaced and attached the slide keyboard, makes me feel comfortable and even fall in love with this device.

For this device, Xperia X10 Mini Pro launching, Sony Ericsson indonesia make a promotion called ‘Happy Hour’ in JHCC. Xperia x10 mini pro buyers will get Rp 300.000 cash-back if you buy at a special 1 hour time in July 14th, 2010. Normal price was about Rp 3.500.000, and promotion price about Rp 2.999.999. With ‘happy hour’ you will get Rp 2.699.999.

I sacrifice myself to get there as fast as possible. I have my dad, mom and even my sister to queue it before I wrote this article with my x10 mini pro, it has a very comfortable dedicated keyboard anyway.

I get there. Only 200 pcs for this happy hour sale. I got one, the red one. All I got xperia x10 mini pro, BT handsfree worth about Rp 300.000, bag, and scratch-and-win that worth another Rp 50.000 cash-back. It was excelent time to queue about 3 hours to get this valuable android phone. I will soon review the phone performance on my next post. Though I wrote this article with my x10 mini pro, it has a very comfortable dedicated keyboard anyway.