Sony Ericsson Xperia Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich is the most android operating system upgrade that we wait after the launch of Galaxy Nexus series that makes the new era of Android 4.0 (codename : ICS).

Some developer has made a custom ROM for their devices to run ICS. But the official version that may come for each handset may vary. Sony has yet made a commitment to upgrade their 2011 xperia series to Ice Cream Sandwich. This video has shown their commitment by giving us the developer’s progress in making things come true.

Sony’s will provide upgrade at the end of march 2012 and the upgrade will soon be completed for all devices on may 2012. ICS has made a huge improvement in the operating system performances and new UI. One of the most awaited UI that amazes me is closing a program by sliding it. The settings will also be enhanced by giving us the best and the most needed useful programs to be embedded in the settings menu. Just wait and see their progress in keeping up their promises.

Studying in a good University, will you?


Last week, I went to the 21st Education & Training Expo in JHCC, Jakarta. This expo provides some information about studying in the higher level of educations like university. Some Universities shown their own best services to us.

My sister is still in the High School and will soon go to the higher level of education. My parents shown me that university student will have a broader information on how will we think about a case. This will also improve our analytical skills to answer some questions.

The needs of a better education are also required for the employer who wants to find a good partner in running their business. There are a mutual-partnership between education services to the employer themselves. Employer will generalize the forthcoming employee from their university.

By this reason, the educational services will promote about how will they find lecture, how will they make their student be a worker or maybe a leader, and how will they make their students find a better job. This relationship made studying in a University a pricey place to get.

Some student doesn’t know anything about what they need for themselves. I believe that a better place for studying will provide a better relationship between their students. Having the best lecture and provided by a complete place to find a book in their own library will boost the student knowledge. Last but not least, the better relationship is yet needed. Some Universities have taken a good relations within their alumni, so then they will soon be a partner in giving a job for their graduate student and will boost the university morale by knowing that this University graduate will soon get a job, not a jobless.

The Amazing Google Maps

Have you ever lost your way home? Have you ever get a traffic jam by choosing the bad directions? Have not you know about the shortest route of your track? Do you know where your friends are now? Maybe google Maps can help you answering these questions.



I’d barely can’t live a day with google maps as Jakarta is the crowded city in Indonesia. I need to go home as fast as I can, and I just need the Jakarta’s traffic just to have the informations of what route best for me. Google maps have this. It may track the street crowd. Yellow : normal, green : you can run fast. Red : slow or maybe traffic jam. This colors are very informative for us. Try this by activating the traffic mode shown on the above picture.



Have you ever want to go somewhere fast? Yet, every other maps are giving  the same way algorithms. But google maps has included some more logics with the traffic mode and how many minutes to get there. Just put the place you want to go and get the directions right away.



Another part that this app have are the google latitude. Ever know the foursquare method of checking in the place? This is most likely the same method. But you can lively see your friends here in the maps. This helps us a lot in looking out where our relatives are. Try this and google rocks.

Android Apps – MovPlex Review

Do you like to watch movies in theatre? Do you have an Android or iPhone? Do you love traveling and watch some movies in XXI, Blitz or else? MovPlex may help you.



MovPlex is a mobile applications developed by ‘warcod – warung coding’. This local indonesian apps are highly recomended as our movies discovery. We can see what’s upcoming movies, see the trailers, details synopsis through IMDb links, and furthermore the theaters showing the movies with detail ticket prices.



I’d love to have this app just because it’s intuitive and easy to use. You can sort by the movies, sort by theatres or maybe sort by the upcoming movies. The very detail informations are given and that amazed me. While it also include the blitz megaplex movies inside also and it has made my life easier. Try and download the now for free: MovPlex for android download

Good Will Hunting (1997)


Though Will Hunting (Matt Damon) has genius-level intelligence (such as a talent for memorizing facts and an intuitive ability to prove sophisticated mathematical theorems), he works as a janitor at MIT and lives alone in a sparsely furnished apartment in an impoverished South Boston neighborhood. An abused foster child, he subconsciously blames himself for his unhappy upbringing and turns this self-loathing into a form of self-sabotage in both his professional and emotional lives. Hence, he is unable to maintain either a steady job or a steady romantic relationship. In the first week of class, Will solves a difficult graduate-level math problem that Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgård), a Fields Medalist and combinatorialist, left on a chalkboard as a challenge to his students, hoping someone might solve the problem by the semester’s end. Everyone at MIT wonders who solved it, and Lambeau puts another problem on the board — one that took him and his colleagues two years to prove.

The above synopsis is about the movie I just watched. This movie educate us about what our life would be? What we need for life? And what do you want to do with your life?

Some people don’t know anything deep inside their heart. But either someone told and force you about doing what you don’t like or you are affraid of doing something good for your life.

Well, this movie is reflecting our real life. Some teacher or parents want their children to be somebody else but never care about what their children need. Some child will do but others won’t. We should know about our future, where are we going? What are our passions? And with these simple questions, just answer and be honest to your life. Are you on the right track to live you life to the fullest??

“Sean: Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.”

Good Will Hunting IMDB

Mobile Gaming ‘Android’??



We have experienced the smartphones function to help us in our real life. The joy does not stop here yet. As I use Android phones about a year later, which was the glorious day of android 2.1 eclair version, there were some games to fulfill our needs. Some funny games that wasn’t exist in the era of windows mobile edition. Some use accelerometer in handling games and much more intuitive games are provided.

In recent years, android games has grown a massive improvement in graphic performance. They also require some memory to be downloaded as a game file for about more than 100mb more. Some games has an awesome graphic performance since the android phones nowadays have the ability to run this game. Their hardware are also growing and some known PC or console games has made some mobile gaming too.


The above screenshot is a shadowgun which has a very nice graphic performace for mobile gaming. I really enjoy playing this games. You can refer to this link :



There are so many games out there with good graphic performance. You can try ‘Dead Space’, Sprinkle, PES 2012, Plants vs Zombie, Anomaly HD, Real Steel, etc. Maybe you can share some games for me to play too. Android rocks!!

How Japanese sing Indonesian Bengawan Solo

Mau Tau bagaimana orang Jepang
belajar, serta bisa pandai menyanyikan lagu bengawan solo?


Being a one , So-low…
Re wired moe in knee….
So diary due lure judd dear.
pearl hutty ant in sunny….

Ear toe pair  are  Who …?
Re-wired moe due Lou…
Parr are pair dug gung …
Slow Low,  NIKE two pair are who..

Matter eye-ear  mou diary So-low
Turque roong Goo noong siree boo  ..
Eye ear mellow up some pie jaar uuh
Uh here near kerr  louuud …..

Mou shim camarro,
tug bra parr eye-ear mou
Dear mou shim who jeanne eye-ear mellow up some pie  jar ooohh…..

translated & interpreter by
A young Niko Katsumoro.


The ‘Repair’ Road?


I’ve walked along the pedestrian in jakarta. It’s not so good, though it’s better not to walked in the road where cars are heavily passing by in the night.

If you’ve experienced walking in Singapore, where me enjoying walking there. The city (Singapore) is providing everything so the people would enjoy walking instead of driving.

Some pedestrian are used for people to walk, but in Jakarta, some use it for selling things called ‘Pedagang Kaki Lima’. This has made the functions of pedestrian changed and is not used as they are made for.

This also what I found when walking in Pondok Indah last month. PLN was digging to fix their own line. The dig was beneath the pedestrian and they broke it down. This made us to walk outside the pedestrian and it is dangerous. Don’t the project officer know or care about this? I don’t think so.